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Uncommon Carry 28-in-1 Electric Screwdriver

Uncommon Carry 28-in-1 Electric Screwdriver

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Product Description
Uncommon Carry is one of those brands that fills in all the blanks in any hobbyist accessory kit—and their new 28-in-1 Electric Screwdriver helps fill in virtually any slot in need of a metal screw. This sleek little pen-shaped screwdriver provides up to 0.35 newtons of torque force with a free speed of 200 revolutions per minute, giving you plenty of oomph for virtually anything in the Mech Keys category Read More

Yet another product that can be purchased for $15 on AliExpress. The exact same as the photos. Uncommon Carry is a dropshipping company, Drop/Corsair you are absolutely 💩ing on your customer base with these products. It’s beyond insulting and bordering on fraud. Stop.
Feb 19, 2024
foolishMastermindI was going to say, "well at least you get it faster" but then I checked the ship date and NOPE. But, you do have a good return policy. Drop does make that part easy. So the customer support side is a plus.
Feb 19, 2024
Rebranded $9 Ali express kit
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