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Venture Electronics Cables – Exclusive Blue

Venture Electronics Cables – Exclusive Blue

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Product Description
From Venture Electronics, the company that brought us the much-loved Monk Plus IEMs, comes a series of cables designed to pair with your favorite Massdrop Made headphones. Each one is braided in black and dark blue to match the aesthetic of products like the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX and Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Read More

Customer Reviews

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Sep 28, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
It's a decent cable but...
It's a decent cable but it started to fall apart after a while, after a year of use i had to resolder the 2.5mm jacks that go to the headphones twice, the soldering job is ok but the cables are too thin and they break apart easily.
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Jun 13, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Absolute DogSxxt of cable
Bought them for HD650 and it doesn't even fit. One of the connector pin is too big to fit
Aug 20, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Cable does not properly fit the 4 pin xlr socket
I was getting interruptions in the sound all the time. I ended up getting another cable, and I could see clear differences in size (width and length). Essentially, this cable does not follow the standard ... avoid at all cost.
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May 24, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Very good for the price tag
Material and sound quality for the price level absolutely fine.
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Apr 10, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Significant improvement to my Hifiman 4xx
It's now permanently attached to the Hifiman 4xx headphones. I recently did another round of switching and playing with different cables (got too many at home!), but at the end of the day, I end up preferring and coming back to the Venture. Possibly because it's balanced, and I'm comparing with single-ended for the others. The sound opens up and is more relaxed. I have it attached to Cavalli tube amp, driven by external DAC through USB from computer. Source music is HD flac or else Spotify.
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Feb 16, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Looks and feels awful, like shoelaces or something like that. Worse than the stock cable.
Feb 6, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I bought these to use with Sennheiser HD 6XX, adding a bit style and feel to them. Also wanted a cabe to match quarter inch devices without adapters. Well, I was not that satisfied. Nice looks, but are they janky. They pass sound when touched as wearing headphones, connectors are tight fit and mediocre quality. Braiding is not even. They feel cheap. So I went back to stock.
checkVerified Buyer
Nice Quality just wish I had bought a longer cable. And one with a 2.5" balanced as well as the 4 pin XLR
Nov 27, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
long connectors touching shoulders. cheep XLR connector. cable itself is really thin but that cloth outside is heavy and unneeded. stay away.
Nov 7, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Edit: If there was a way to rate Massdrop Support, they would get 5 stars. Massdrop have since issued a refund.

Complete trash!!! If i could rate this lower I would because they are not fit for purpose. Not sure what batch everyone got last drop, but for future potential buyers, steer clear from these. Unless you plan to damage your headphones, I would not bother. I got these with the XLR end for my Jotunheim and I am very, very disappointed that these could be passed off as compatible cables. Stock on the left, Venture on the right. The Venture barely registered a connection and unless I decide to jam these in and risk potentially damaging my brand new HD 6XX's..... forget it! The pins aren't the issue, the issue is the connector when going into the housing. Yes some force should be needed as the stock require a little force. You shouldn't feel like you need to jam these in. If anyone else got these they should refund these ASAP.

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