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Jul 23, 2019
hi im Andre and I work with Volumio.  Prior, I was with ALLO, manufacturer of several successful audio shields for DIY audio. having read some of the comments here, I wanted to share the following with you. The term audiophile, for me, is broad and can include technical and non technical people.  what brings them together is the love for music.  i can understand that the ones that are more DIY oriented will always tend to be more technical and look for readings and numbers... but there are those who just want things to work out of the box and sound great.  when volumio launched the Primo, they had exactly that objective in mind here is a well known audiophile software creator that gets into hardware.  a big gamble.  does the primo sound good... the reviews speak for themselves.  can you achieve the same with DIY? hard to say ... having worked in this field for several years, i personally don't know of any board that is so versatile and offers USB, digital and analog outputs all in one.  the point is that the Primo massdrop deal offers a great value for those who are looking for a great sounding set it and forget it streamer. Primo received lot of bespoke software optimizations, many of them were related to ease of use (as this was a top priority) but most importantly to optimize Sound Quality: this has been achieved by fine-tuning the ESS DAC driver (via i2s), in close cooperation with ASUS. Particularly, we focused on how clocking is managed by TInkerboard and therefore improving the precision of the clock provided to the DAC. This is one of the special treat you get when getting a full-thought device rather than going DIY. Volumio philosophy is simple: we want every DIYer to be able to build their dream system, that's why we release Volumio as Open Source and provide as much information as possible. But we also believe that less tech-savvy music lovers should be able to enjoy a well priced and well thought audio player, finding all the optimizations done to their system out of the box.  So if you can go to DIY path, we encourage you to do so. But getting Primo will come bundled with all our experience in the digital domain in the form of system optimizations that come into play with a tight integration of hardware and software, packed in a good sounding device out of the box.  You have the choice. PS: one more review released today
Jul 23, 2019
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