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Voxoa Voxoom Wireless Headphones

Voxoa Voxoom Wireless Headphones

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Product Description
If you live in a shared space or have thin walls, you know the pain of balancing your optimal TV volume with the interests of your neighbors. Instead of staying in stealth mode or courting an eviction notice, get comfortable and crank up the volume with the Voxoa Voxoom Wireless Headphones Read More

Nov 20, 2014
If you have the chance to talk to the manufacturer some more (or if there's more detailed documentation available somewhere I missed)…
How are the controls on these for accidental turn on (usually followed by accidental 'play' command)? I have a Phillips bluetooth headset I can't leave in my purse because the entire right side is not only the on/off button, but also play/pause control.
I'd assume it could, but to be safe: can the base accept pairing with other bluetooth devices? (it would be nice to add some value to this by also being able to connect bluetooth speakers/soundbar to it for a bedroom TV)
Is the base a single device bluetooth connection, or can it stream to more than once device?
Does the headset store more than a single pairing, for easily going from the base to a cellphone/computer/tablet/etc and back?
Nov 19, 2014
Hey Danny, could you give a brief review of the sound quality and the comfort of the headphones? Please and thanks!
Nov 19, 2014
Eedo123Comfort's quite nice! They're light, don't clamp, and fit just fine on the head. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to speak to sound quality, particularly compared to other products.
I can say that for its intended usage with home theater, they were an enjoyable experience with movies and TV shows.
Nov 23, 2014
Danny_Liu*delete post*
Nov 19, 2014
So since these aren't really reviewed anywhere, I had a talk with the manufacturer to discuss. You can pair these with your phone/computer, but the best use-case is paired with a TV.
Wireless headphone for the TV, pretty good idea. The low latency also means that lips/action don't lag behind the actual speaking and movement. If someone is hard of hearing, they can turn it up pretty darn loud on these while other people listen at normal volumes.
If you have any questions, I can pass them along and get answers for you.
Nov 19, 2014
Danny_LiuFor music, how's the sound quality of these?
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