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xDuoo XQ-100 Bluetooth Audio Receiver and Converter

xDuoo XQ-100 Bluetooth Audio Receiver and Converter

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Product Description
xDuoo is already known for accessible gear that incorporates high-quality components—and the XQ-100 is a Bluetooth oriented receiver and DAC that brings that classic componentry to the wireless world. Handling conversion, you’ll find a CS8406 digital transmission chip and two ES9038Q2M chips capable of outputting rich, detailed sound Read More

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Dec 13, 2023
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Bluetooth as a format with Sound Quality
As in so many other aspects of our hobby, the Sound Quality (SQ) that we receive is not simply a function of just file format, nor just balanced versus single-ended, etc. Rather, it is the care in design and the manufacturer's willingness to use high caliber components. Xduoo has done this while delivering an easily budgeted price via Drop. I'm using the XQ-100 XLR outs to Geshelli Erish balanced headphone amp, driving Drop/Dan Clark Aeon Closed headphones. The soundstage is as wide as that delivered by my SMSL SU 9 (which uses the same ESS DAC chip), the treble seems just as perky, the tonal balance is good. If it lacks in anything when sending LDAC transmission from my portable DAP (HiBy R3 II, itself a budget find), the XQ provides a bit less depth and maybe, just maybe, less authority in the bass notes. (I'm not set up to do critical A/B testing in real time.) Don't overlook the XQ's bonus feature: not only will it send digital sound OUT via Toslink optical or Coaxial SPDIF to your own external DAC if that's your preference, it will alternatively accept SPDIF IN via the same Coaxial. So I'm using that to play the sound from a Sony Blu-Ray player that is hooked to a secondary TV via HDMI. The smallish TV has truly awful sound and no optical out. So my little bedroom setup is golden now for quality headphone listening. As DMS said in one of his videos on Bluetooth wireless headphones, Bluetooth transmission sending to a quality-oriented receiving system is not quite wired sound - but awfully close nowadays. I highly recommend the XQ-100 if it meets your setup needs, as it does mine.

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