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Aug 1, 2017
Finally received mine today. The finish is outstanding. The sound quality is simple great. The bass is good quality and has good punch. the vocals are clear and isn't overshadowed by the bass. And there's good clarity and slight sparkle in the upper frequencies. Overall a very solid product with balanced sound signature. Even at full retail price, this is an awesome product and I've 64 audio U12, 64 audio U4SE, Campfire Audio Jupiter, Empire Ears Supra II with ADEL and this one is very very good and can hold its own against those high tier iems. AAW have a winner here.
The left ear has an excellent fit. the right ear is 95% okay. Slight wiggle room is there and isn't a perfect fit like the left ear. Will test it for some more days. Doesn't cause any discomfort but doesn't disappear like the left one does.
I'll post photos in a day or so. Just a black faceplate with charcoal grey transparent shells.
Aug 1, 2017
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