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Mitchell Acoustics uStream 2 Music System

Mitchell Acoustics uStream 2 Music System

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Product Description
Mitchell Acoustics is at it again with a unique take on the at-home listening experience. The uStream 2 Music System is their take on in-home audio that’s easy to connect without superfluous wires Read More

May 26, 2023
Doesn't look like anyone's pulled the trigger yet.
May 23, 2023
OK, I know what's TPA3116D2. TI made decent-sounding little stereo amp-on-chip (the assembled boards are available on Amazon or on PartsExpress) But what's the MVS JRK8280? Does anybody know? Is this some rebrand of Sanyo STK8280?
brainwaveIt is made by Mountain View Silicon in Shanghai. Great little amps we've tested extensively and in this speaker it combines beautifully with the TI.
May 23, 2023
Is it too much to expect a photo of the back of the units? How exactly do the two speakers pair? This product listing is grossly incomplete.
May 24, 2023
mattrisPlease see image below for the back side of the product:

mattrisHi there, Our speakers pair using discrete Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo similar to the tech used in earpods and the like. The left speaker is the master (at first power up, the speaker turned on first becomes the master (L) speaker and the right will find it as soon as IT is powered on. You can connect via Bluetooth or via any of the analog or digital inputs on the rear of the LEFT speaker and the right channel signal will be received wirelessly by BT. Perfect if you want a smart stereo set up and don't want to install or run cables between the speakers, eg, each side of a fireplace or each side of a set of doors. At 80W a channel they are powerful and due to the high grade Texas Instruments amplification chips and audio grade components we use, the soundstage is excellent. We deliberately didn't use any of the expensive BT codecs as they make no audible difference and are frankly a waste of money in our bill of materials. We opted for basic BT codec but the best amplification chips. Each speaker requires power which is supplied to the 24v DC board via a 110/240 laptop style power brick. This actually makes stand mounting and the related cable management simpler. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. Best Paul Mitchell
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