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Mitchell Acoustics uStream Two Music System

Mitchell Acoustics uStream Two Music System

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Product Description
Mitchell Acoustics is at it again with a unique take on the at-home listening experience. The uStream Two Music System is their take on in-home audio that’s easy to connect without superfluous wires Read More

Feb 22, 2024
30hz from a 6.5"/165mm driver? So, we're just out here defying physics, are we? No mention of if that's at -3 or -6dB either. I also like how the manufacturer's own website can't decide if the "woofer" gets 50W or 60W.
May 5, 2024
iwendtI agree. This is a very silly and misleading specification for such a small driver and enclosure. Freq range should be a guide to what a user can realistically hear. Mitchell Acoustics, please explain and justify.
May 5, 2024
iwendtI have a PSB speaker using a smaller 135mm driver in an enclosure that does 39 Hz -3db. I have tested it and it does meet the specs that PSB provides and provides fast taransient bass. These aren't what I would call a subwoofer, but rather a bass driver. The 135mm is a long throw driver which helps, but the enclosure is still tiny and it's sealed. Personally I would be skeptical when a company doesn't incluse specifications. Also it hasn't been reviewed by any reputable magazines as far as I know.
Feb 18, 2024
SBA only bluetooth codec is ridiculous, especially for this price. S/N ratio is also uncompetitive. Skip....
Feb 18, 2024
I purchased the UStream GO from the same company. The sound was great and the quality feel was top notch. However, It had Static and Bluetooth disconnection issues.. I tried a different pair and similar issues existed.
May 26, 2023
Doesn't look like anyone's pulled the trigger yet.
May 23, 2023
OK, I know what's TPA3116D2. TI made a decent-sounding little stereo amp-on-chip (the assembled boards are available on Amazon or on PartsExpress) But what's the MVS JRK8280? Does anybody know? Is this some rebrand of Sanyo STK8280?
brainwaveIt is made by Mountain View Silicon in Shanghai. Great little amps we've tested extensively and in this speaker it combines beautifully with the TI.
Is it too much to expect a photo of the back of the units? How exactly do the two speakers pair? This product listing is grossly incomplete.
Feb 21, 2024
Hi Paul Very much appreciate your reply on this page, and this is a nice-looking product I'm considering. Can you share some more thoughts or info on the real vs. perceived differences among BT codecs? Do the supposedly higher-res codecs fail blind listening tests? Admittedly I've never tried one, but recently I've been wondering . . . Cheers
May 5, 2024
Great explanation thank you. Here’s a more “purist” (or more like ocd) question: I if desired, can you also put a left channel rca cable to one and then a right channel rca to the other for a true analog connection? Say from an outboard Dac as an option. Thanks 🙏🏼
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