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Dec 9, 2020
These are not a "deal", but honestly I'm not sure how often to can find Audeze that are a "deal." I grabbed a pair of the 10's back from a New Egg Refurb listing Audeze itself had done a few years ago (paid $175 USD I believe). Are there better planar earphones out there at the price point....probably because these are not a new design. What these are happen to be one of the first sub $1000 USD planar magnetic ear phones though that were quality. I absolutely love them due to the fact the flat ear clips & in-ear retainers actually fit me well enough I can work out with these. They also sound so amazing that they compete/beat with some of my end-game dynamic & planar headphones (with the right equipment driving them). Things if you do jump on the iSines you will definitely need is a player that has lightning port audio out or procure the elusive Anker cable for these because it is worth it. These take some serious juice to drive them which the cypher cable can do, but that means your needing to connect this via lightning cable.
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