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Audeze SINE Series IEMs and Headphones

Audeze SINE Series IEMs and Headphones

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Product Description
Just like headphones and earphones are the building blocks of any audio setup, sine waves are the building blocks of sound itself. Starting with these two fundamentals, Audeze created the Sine Series: a line of headphones and IEMs designed to optimize audio from the waveform up Read More

Dec 11, 2020
Sorry, not a Star Wars fan...
Dec 10, 2020
I own both the 10 and the Sine - I purchased them as "B-Stock" from Audeze for $150 each. They both came with the cipher lightning cable. They sound great on my iPad running Tidal and using the EQ from their app. They also work on my Samsung S9+ with the Anker adaptor, but not quite as good as on the iPad. I've been lucky, no flex or distortion issues; however, I did break the ear hooks : (.
Dec 9, 2020
These are not a "deal", but honestly I'm not sure how often to can find Audeze that are a "deal." I grabbed a pair of the 10's back from a New Egg Refurb listing Audeze itself had done a few years ago (paid $175 USD I believe). Are there better planar earphones out there at the price point....probably because these are not a new design. What these are happen to be one of the first sub $1000 USD planar magnetic ear phones though that were quality. I absolutely love them due to the fact the flat ear clips & in-ear retainers actually fit me well enough I can work out with these. They also sound so amazing that they compete/beat with some of my end-game dynamic & planar headphones (with the right equipment driving them). Things if you do jump on the iSines you will definitely need is a player that has lightning port audio out or procure the elusive Anker cable for these because it is worth it. These take some serious juice to drive them which the cypher cable can do, but that means your needing to connect this via lightning cable.
Dec 8, 2020
The thing is, these are not a deal, one is a closeout, if not more. There are other planar IEM's out there, cheap and/or better, because you have to EQ the bejeezus out of these, or use the Apple cable to make them sound right... come on Drop, do us right!
Dec 7, 2020

Dec 7, 2020
I have the iSine 10 and Sine headphones. The iSine 10 are phenomenal headphones, though the silicone tips don’t seem to have a very long life. I’ve switched from the plastic ear clips to the knubs they now offer which are better IMO. The iSine 10 are probably one of the best, and windiest, “IEM” that I’ve ever owned. The Sine had major driver flex issues which Audeze refused to warranty or even offer any suggestions on how to deal with it. In short, any head movement would result in the drivers flexing (a clicking sound, sometimes multiple). This could be as small as me turning my head while sitting at my chair at work. This got worse over time. The ability to use them as a portable went downhill very quickly. I was, however able to get a custom pair of ear pads made for them which remedied this issue (reduced pressure on the front-side of the driver using perforations and softer foams). The Sine were great sounding headphones, and I still use them with the new ear pads.
Dec 7, 2020
I also had a similar experience, purchased the isine LX with the "Android" (basic 3.5mm) around the time the hype was in full swing. Received them and also thought they must be defective. At that time I had a pair of KZ ZSTs and the Koss Ksc75 so the comparison was upsetting, but I figured since this was my first pair of planar in ears they must need a certain amount of burn in. Nope, checked a bunch of forums and asked around, turns out if you want to enjoy these you are REQUIRED to have the cipher cable, without it you just paid a whole bunch of money to get pranked by audeze. I was also told you can EQ these and it did improve the sound but not enough to justify the $200 I paid for them at the time.
Dec 8, 2020
tinyman392My right eardrum got injured by the pressure while trying to insert the iSine10. And yes the R side had driver flex problem while the L side was just fine.
Dec 6, 2020
Dec 6, 2020
Didn't Audeze freak out the last time their products were put in Drop? Is this legit?
Dec 7, 2020
XxNurseLast time they were gray market headphones that Audeze wouldn't honor the warranty for, yes. No idea about this time, but I doubt anything has changed. Could be wrong, though.
Headphones coming from questionable sources, instead of directly from Audeze.
Dec 6, 2020
These prices are a head scratcher. I got the isine and sine for 150 each. Both with cipher cable.
Dec 6, 2020
That’s heavy duty balls, iSine 20 $500 (mid January) vs $229 (“B stock”, in hand within 5 days) WTH
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