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Audio-Technica LS Series IEMs

Audio-Technica LS Series IEMs

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Product Description
Following such highly regarded in-ear monitors as the AT-CK10, these IEMs mark Audio-Technica’s next foray into the affordable, high-end IEM market. Both models feature balanced armature drivers: three per ear in the LS300 and four per ear in the LS400 Read More

Customer Reviews

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Feb 18, 2020
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Excellent in-ear monitor. Very neutral sound.
Very very good neutral sound from the LS400is even with the dual BA for bass, it is not overfilled in any mean. Excellent clarity on high and mids, I would still prefer over-ear for overall balance, but for in-ear, this is as good as it can get for the price. However excellent these AT in ear monitors are, they do come with a bit extra cost. These are marketed to be used on a mobile phone directly, hence the "is" trim in the model number and the stereo + mic jack and cable, but they really don't work well with phones. 20 Ohms doesn't look much, (and yes 20 Ohms not 30, the spec here as per massdrop's description is wrong) when you plug in directly to a phone, the high and mids become a bit muddy, and bass do really double up, which if you search online, most negative review on these LS400 are describing similar experiences. You'll need to buy an amp for these IEMs, and a good enough one. Most of my gears are more or less at entry level, I tried these with a direct plug into DAC, which works perfectly with AKG 7XX, not very good on the LS400 though, I then used these with Sony Music Player directly, rated 35mw @32Ohms, I also tried these with Fiio E10K (rated 200mw @32Ohms), not great, not even good from any of these sources. All have the same problem, muddy highs and mids with bloated lows, flooded, no power in lows but all over the places. , I had to tweak the EQ quite a lot to get a good clarity out of these IEMs. It is not until I bought an ok issy amp for about $100, all the hype about BA IEMs are seeing the advantages. The super clarity and excellent balance all start to make it worthy. No wonder they are not that popular. But I still have to give it 4 star as the the IEMs themselves are extremely capable.
Nov 10, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I got the Ath ls400is, I used them mostly when I travel paired to a McIntosh mha50, highs have good clarity and detail, medium is neutral and clear and low is not punchy but also with good detail, the only problem I have is that the provided eartips start to bother me after a couple of hours, I tried with the medium size but then I can't have good seal and the sound is mediocre, especially the lows so I went back to large eartips, I guess I will have to wait for the the next dekoni bulletz drop. Edit. Compared to JVC HA-FDX1 the AT has less detail retrieval on the medium to high tones, I find the JVC better so I am taking 1 star out because they are in the same price range.
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Oct 6, 2021
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Oct 28, 2020
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Oct 9, 2019
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