Massdrop Blue Box: Blue Ever Blue
Massdrop Blue Box: Blue Ever Blue
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Looking for a pair of high-performance earbuds or IEMs? We’re partnering with Blue Ever Blue to offer an exclusive grab bag of goodies, featuring well-reviewed products that pack a heck of a punch for the price Read More

Oct 26, 2018
got the 388B: holy crap Koss! what did we ever do to you to deserve this garbage :'( veiled af and muddy bass, no clarity and mids suck too I'll see if burn-in does something but I suspect it wont :(
Oct 2, 2018
Hey, that is my photo on the main page of the 1001, from about 3 years ago!:
I did some light reviews and photography (not my best work) of the Blue Ever Blue products a while back. Here is the 328RM one I did as well:
Sep 30, 2018
if il order il be like "pls no earbuds pls no earbuds" and earbuds i shell receive
May 12, 2018
What I noticed was the 110% chances listed, hmmm?
Apr 30, 2018
I got the Blue Ever Blue 328R and they don't fit in my ears. Very disappointed. Will refrain from joining drops like this in the future.
Apr 29, 2018
i got a Blue Ever Blue 878
Apr 17, 2018
Ordered two pairs - I think I got 2x 833s. I would put the 833 as slightly above the stock Samsung S5 headphone for SQ, and below the Samsung S9 stock headphones for SQ. So, they are worth $20 max for listening to audio.
The build quality is poor ($5). After using around a dozen times I can already hear crackle in the wire/connector. I don't expect them to last long. The mic is pure crap if you have any background noise.
Apr 10, 2018
Downrate, NOT worth it.
Apr 6, 2018
So I ended up getting the 878's, and while they sound fine, the build quality is just disgusting, like the right earbud specifically makes this weird clicking noise anytime I touch it, and it's soo loud when it's in your ear. No it's not the tip I'm using, and no it's not my ear.
These are absolutely terrible (328R). I received two of them and the earphones I received for free with my phone are easily better quality. I figured that for $30 the base model would at least be decent but no such luck. Also they were shipped in two separate packages so I had to pay the handling fee twice (I get that I have to pay the VAT as I'm in the UK but I'm pretty sure that if they're in the same package we only have to pay the handling fee of £8 once). Wish I'd just not paid that at all and had them sent back.
Total cost of two worthless pairs of earphones: £67.27 Experiencing how terrible an idea these Blue Boxes are: priceless.
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Oct 30, 2020