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B&W P3 Portable Headphones

B&W P3 Portable Headphones

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The B&W P3 headphones combine pristine audio performance with maximum wearability. These slimline headphones fit lightly and snugly on your head. When not in use, the P3 folds up to stow away in your pocket or inside their own hard-shell carry case. Thanks to some major technological innovations that reduce distortion to a minimum they are capable of producing a remarkably natural, detailed sound on the move.

B&W P3 Portable Headphones

Technical Prowess

The P3's drive units have been designed from the ground up to give the best possible sound from a small set of headphones. The terminals have been repositioned to make sure that airflow around the drive units is uniform, resulting in a more linear movement. A unique damping system has also been incorporated that helps to provide the optimum balance of stiffness and flexibility within the driver.

B&W P3 Portable Headphones

Winning Portable Combination

The pads are made from heat-sensitive memory foam that moulds to the shape of your ears, becoming more comfortable and enhancing sound quality over time. The bespoke fabric covering the pads provides acoustic transparency in the centre, while forming a perfect seal around the edge for better bass and noise isolation. High durability materials mean you'll be able to enjoy these headphones for hundreds of hours. The embedded microphone and volume control make the P3 an apple users' dream. From it's pads to the proprietary driver design, this headphone represents a great opportunity for commuting music lovers.

B&W P3 Portable Headphones

Beautifully Designed

The ideas behind each component were forged by top designers, tempered by B&W's philosophy, and quenched in the price competition of sub $200 portable headphones.

B&W P3 Portable Headphones


Estimated ship date is Aug 22, 2013 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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