Campfire Audio Nova Exclusive Launch

Campfire Audio Nova Exclusive Launch

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Made by hand in Portland, Oregon, and available first on Massdrop, the Campfire Audio Nova earphones are built tough to stand up to the demands of daily use—and trust us, you’ll want to use them every day. Each shell is machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, then anodized and carefully paired with dual balanced-armature drivers Read More

Oct 30, 2018
Feb 22, 2018
If anyone's interested, I'd like to get rid of these. I haven't used these since I first received them...
Mar 27, 2018
Do you still have these? I'm interested.
May 29, 2018
I'm insterested. Write me a line
Jul 7, 2017
Will this or other BA campfire IEMs will returen soon?
Jul 20, 2017
I hope it comes back soon, and hope that it's also within my price range.
Jun 19, 2017
What was the price during the drop?
Jun 22, 2016
Fit is everything with IEMs. I played with all of the options they sent with the Novas (which was a great selection). In the end, my best sound has come from the regular foam tips: I squish them and then put them in my ear and they expand for a nice seal. Comply muffle things a bit for me.
Jun 19, 2016
Got mine on Friday after the long and arduous exchange between DHL and USPS. Really wish Massdrop would have the option to ship using USPS as well so I could just get my packages at my PO BOX where I get everything that's pricey delivered (have had issues of theft in my neighborhood). Regardless, these are the best sounding IEM's I've ever owned! I tried in the $100-$200 range both major reputable companies and Chinese brand sets and none have come close to how these sound. I'm no expert as an audiophile but I've played music seriously as a hobby since I was in second grade so I feel like I have a decent ear. the bass is perfect not too over the top but it's definitely there. The highs seemed too harsh coming straight out of my iPhone 6s Plus but running through my amp/dac it's very clear but not overbearing. Sound isolation is extreme I can't hear a thing with these on! Although metal these are more comfortable than expected, feel secure, and overall seem quite well built . Really love the cable and how it fits around the ears much better than my shure's. Other than the shipping I'm extremely happy I pulled the trigger on this. Thanks Massdrop!
Jun 19, 2016
Your name suggests that you might be Belgian as well. If so, didn't anything weird happen with customs? I'm still waiting myself, doesn't seem to change status anymore.
Jun 16, 2016
I finally received mine and am up and running with an AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, but am pretty disappointed so far with the sound. Almost no bass or midbass.... Nice top end sparkle and clarity, but literally zero bass. Still tinkering, hopefully they burn in and get better.
I had a chance to try them over the weekend off of my desktop setup: Schiit Audio Bitfrost Multibit DAC and Valhalla 2 amp. Obviously much more power than the Dragonfly Red, but still the same result. No bass/midbass whatsoever. I was forced to use software EQ to boost the bass to a level that wasn't completely overpowered by the mid and upper range.
Anyone else having a different experience with the Nova? I'll give them another week of trial, then they are being sold..
Jun 22, 2016
Hope your week of trial has gone better. At the risk of repeating the advice of many (including myself); perhaps your ear tip choice is not perfect for your ear shape etc.
Jun 15, 2016
Well that is quite depressing. The expected delivery date was 6/8/16, and it is still not here one week after it has been tendered to the USPS. I went ahead and requested Massdrop file a claim to determine where the package is. I hope to receive mine soon. Sad to hear people overseas received theirs sooner than I will.
Jun 16, 2016
Mine arrived at customs 5 days ago. Not a single status change so I went ahead and send an email to clearance describing the contents of my package. I've been told this can speed things up.
Yes. No word from them, not even an email indicating that they read what I wrote. Called them and the usual 'it is in department x hands now and I can't access their emails'
She basically told me they should be able to get it shipped by the end of next week and that I should receive it the week after.
Living in Belgium. The dream mate.
Jun 14, 2016
Mine arrived yesterday. I'm very impressed with the clarity and detail in the sound but it took some playing with different tips before I was totally happy. I usually prefer silicone tips but I tried all three sizes of the supplied silicones but couldn't get them to seal properly and it really affected the sound. The comply's were perfect though and made all the difference.
I'm very happy with these iems but the extra customs charges of £52 made the price a little steep to bring them into the UK.
Jun 10, 2016
Two days late, usps' fault but I have them! Thank you Massdrop.
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