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Drop + Master & Dynamic MW07 GO.DROP

Drop + Master & Dynamic MW07 GO.DROP

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With expressive audio, impressive durability, and a streamlined build, Master & Dynamic’s MW07 GO IEM burst onto the scene as one of the best true-wireless options for active listeners. In our latest collaboration—the Drop + Master & Dynamic MW07 GO.DROP IEM—we made it even better Read More

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May 29, 2023
Activities:Casual Listening, Critical Listening
Music Genres:Classical, Metal, Pop, Rock
checkVerified Buyer
quality audio
haven't had wireless earbuds like them before, love the sound but they are noticeably worse then 200 dollar wired, crazy small case good battery life, 5/5.
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Mar 11, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
they're fine
i couldn't get a great fit, the sound is decent, but the feature set and lack of ANC makes these less competitive with similarly priced products.
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Feb 8, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Great earbuds
I really like the metal case on these earbuds. It does scratch easily, but is very durable otherwise
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Feb 7, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Sound is superb
As the title suggests, the quality of sound is their best attribute. There's a distinct m&d signature, which I like. Quality bass that's plentiful but not ott. Mids are maybe slightly recessed but present enough. Note, the crossover to treble (upper mids- lower highs) stand out a little bit but thankfully not enough to be an issue (I'm sensitive to sibilant highs and these are fine for me). The highs are slightly rolled off whilst still being present so they aren't fatiguing in that regard. The soundstage is the best I've heard for TW iems. As for comfort, I've recently gone back to the various tips and wings and strongly recommend you be open minded to a little mix and match with the sizes. Ultimately I went with a small tip and med med wings. This has improved comfort a lot. I also twist and adjust 'by feel' when inserting into the ears. Wearing them in what I thought was the "correct" position was frankly wrong. So don't go by images, instead trust how they feel in your ears. I also use these for work calls and they are perfect with zero sound or feedback issues. Otherwise I switch over to music during the day and I don't even recall what the batt life is supposed to be because I've never had an issue with them lasting all day - noting they go back in the case when out of use anyway. *This is the second set as the first had 1 of 2 that was a doa but Drop sorted that out without issue. **I have (and have had) others like Samsung buds+, RHA, Nu-Force, etc. and these are my preferred mostly due to quality of sound. In conclusion, they sound quite nice and among the best in the price category and if you get the fit right, I expect you'll really like them too.
Jan 30, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Good Earbuds, the case was a miss
The earbuds themselves are good. Good quality, good fit, good battery life. The charging case has a bad and fragile finish. Putting it in your pocket causes the black paint to wear away pretty quickly.
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Jan 29, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Master and Dynamic knocked it otta the park.
Don't expect to get your Drop order in an Amazon Prime style timely manner and you will be content. These are some of the nicest sub 200 dollar bluetooth earbuds you can get, sound great, long lasting battery , pocketable charging case, and the apt-x codec really does make your tunes sound better.
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Jan 7, 2022
checkVerified Buyer
Pros: Case is very small Case and buds are both solid, well built Above average sound quality at price point Lots of fitting options w/ tips, wings Good BT range, no connection issues Cons: Sometimes I wish they could go a little louder, but I do believe I tend to listen to music too loudly Neutral: For me, the lack of ANC is good because my use case for these is gym/running and I don't want total isolation. These might not be the best choice for commuting or anyone who wants complete noise isolation. I'm sure mileage would vary by fit.
checkVerified Buyer
Solid Pair of Wireless IEMs
This is my first pair of separate wireless IEM's and I like them pretty well. Sound quality is good and they fit well.
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Dec 21, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Great sound BUT
I really enjoy how these sound. Best full wireless IEMs that I've purchased to date. They fit well right out of the box. My only gripe about these is that I when driving tend to wear one in my left ear only so my right is free for other sounds from my work navigation. That and my right ear canal is half the size as my left. I guess I will have to stick to my echo buds or my oneplus buds for the long drive. Those I can at least use the left channel only.
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Dec 17, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Compared to other IEMs around the $100 range these are easily the best sounding I have heard. It has a very nice balance to the sound without really feeling overpowering on any specific frequency range. The bass also goes fairly deep sounding, while not being excessive or boomy. I was actually surprised at how much better it sounded than some others I have tried given Bluetooth's limitations. The way the wing works on these is very nice to secure the IEM into your ear. Instead of fitting around your ear in some way, the wing fits under a part of your ear. I was surprised at how well this secures things. I think most of the complaints that these IEMs feel like they are going to fall out are just people used to having something secured around their ear. Notice they never say they do fall out, just it "feels like it". It is important to select the right size wing though. Too small and it cant secure itself, too large and it causes some ear soreness after a couple of hours.
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