Drop + NuForce Move Wireless In-Ear Monitors

Drop + NuForce Move Wireless In-Ear Monitors

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Break free from restrictive cables with the Drop + NuForce Move wireless in-ear monitors. Each pair features True Wireless technology: the result of a year and a half of collaborative development and testing Read More

Nov 25, 2020
Anyone remember when these first released? I got mine when they first became available, and they've just recently stopped working. I dropped the right piece as I was putting it back in the case, and didn't think much of it because I've dropped them a few times before. The next morning I tried them, the music sounded all crackly on the right piece. The left would be okay for a few minutes, but soon after didn't even produce any sound at all. These buds have lasted for 2 years I believe? I'm not really sure whether or not that's a good amount of time for an earbuds to stay functional.
May 17, 2020
May 12, 2020
the cooncetion keeps dropping out and refuses to re connect, is there some software update or reset ?
Dec 23, 2019
My left earbud refuses to connect to the bluetooth, does anyone know how to get this fixed? it worked for few days and now only the right one gets connected and not the left.
Jan 23, 2020
How do you reset it?
Dec 11, 2019
Just received 3rd set of these after revisions to issues from first run. Anyone have suggestions on tips? I’ve tried quite few, but they ease themselves out or fit awkwardly with each tried...
Oct 17, 2019
I am using haylou gt1 pro for now and use it while watching movies on beetv app. Would love to give try to these earbusds
Oct 11, 2019
Does anyone know what size of comply foam tips to use? I found some on Amazon that say they fit nuforce iems but they look too long to fit in the charging case Comply Professional Noise Isolating Earphone Tips for NuForce, ISOtunes PRO, Q-Jays, Etymotic Research, Westone, Shure & More P-Series Memory Foam Replacement Earbud Tips (Medium, 3-pairs)
Oct 2, 2019
Am i the only one still waiting for these?
Oct 4, 2019
Thank you, i asked for a cancellation of my order. Hopefully it will go through.
Nov 27, 2019
They're sub par, you could get a better deal and product elsewhere. The quality control on these is unbelievably poor.
Sep 30, 2019
So my left ear piece light immediately turns orange after taking it out of the charger. Anyone know how to fix this?
Dec 6, 2019
Just started experiencing the same problem myself.
Dec 6, 2019
And resolved it, as mentioned below there is a trouble shooting guide that lists how to do a hard reset. Doing this fixed the issue.
Sep 25, 2019
Hi Everyone, CEE TEE here. I am the Product Manager for the Drop + NuForce Move In-Ear Monitors. One of the most important milestones for me is the product getting into your ears and receiving feedback on how we did. I was looking forward to dancing in a flashmob with you and the Move! Unfortunately, spending time with some of the production units in the office and seeing a small number of users diagnose polarity (+/-) wiring concerns led us to begin product investigations.   We don’t have the full picture yet, but we know that there are likely a small number of affected units out there. If you’re enjoying your Move IEMs, that’s great! However, if you think your unit may be impacted, here’s what you can do:  1. You can perform a self-test on your unit. Please follow the link below to check out a really interesting/easy online test: You can listen to this YouTube Video for the “In-phase” and “Out-of-phase” comparison. The test is really easy and should help identify if your unit is correct. “In-Phase” should sound like it is centered in your head with a solid location while “Out-of-phase” should sound like it is split into a diffuse location that is wide and hard to pinpoint.  2. If you are unsure of the performance or are unhappy with your unit, please reach out to Our Community Support team is standing by with next steps. We want to make sure you have a pair of Drop + NuForce Move IEMs performing as intended. You can also review our setup and troubleshooting guides linked in the Help Center: 
Oct 18, 2019
Hi, is there any way to get a charging case if I happen to lose mine? The earphones are doing great, just can't charge them now...
Nov 27, 2019
Who do I talk to about getting my product replaced? the right piece is at 1/4 the volume of the left side and I cannot fix it.
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