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Dwarf Factory Mc.Long The Figure

Dwarf Factory Mc.Long The Figure

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Product Description
Dwarf Factory’s Mc.Long Artisan Keycap is inspired by the Year of the Dragon—depicting a mecha-style dragon perfectly preserved in resin. Now, the brand’s back with the Mc.Long Figure to match which shows off that same style of dragon crystallized in a much larger resin life-support system and sitting on a tank-like base Read More

❤️‍🔥 Dwarf Factory is back with a dashing Dragon God!  Mc. Long The Figure, the great Primal Mecha Dragon God, has decided to grant our wish and land on Earth in a short span of 7 days! For this Lunar New Year only, he will make a special trip from Universe 9294-X! The Great Dragon will appear in 4 New Year colors: Commander, Beige, Aqua Kunzite and Red Lunar. He will land in style with LED color-changing function, and what’s more, you can set the colors to your preferences, with the accompanying app!  🐉 So let's give ya battlestation a fantastical glow up with blessings of the Dragon God…and start Lunar New Year with a massive luck boost!! 🐉 ❤️‍ The Dwarfs wish you an amazing year of the Dragon. We'll be counting on your support this year as well! Dwarf Factory
Jan 26, 2024
keep on dreamin, ain't no way worth $250 + tax
Jan 26, 2024
These are truly beautifully done... magnificent detail as usual with dwarf factory! ... but that price...
confuzyonIt's actually cheaper than what their Mc.Whale Figure was priced at. But agreed! Dwarf Factory is a legend in the artisan keycap business. 💯
Jan 27, 2024
confuzyonI bought the McWhale figure, and legit it is a piece of artwork which brings me joy every day, worth every penny IMO.
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