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Dynamic Motion DXE50 IEMs

Dynamic Motion DXE50 IEMs

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Product Description
From Dynamic Motion, a Korean company that’s been making high-quality dynamic speakers since 1982, the DXE50 in-ear monitors are a total steal for the price. They’re a follow-up to the DM100 and MD008K models, both popular with the Massdrop community, and bring an even more impressive value in everyday IEMs Read More

Nov 5, 2017
So after about half a month of using these during my walking trips, one day they just stopped working unless I jiggle the cord near the jack, obviously this doesn't satisfy me. I'll probably try to fix the cord, otherwise seemed capable, at least for audiobooks, never tried music.
Oct 27, 2017
After about a month with them, they broke today. I didn't put them through anything rough, just daily commute. Only one ear works and only works when I wiggle the wiring near the jack, and once it moves out of the specific position, no audio anymore. Disappointed that I've had cheap plastic JVC headphones last longer. For $8 I had no complaints with the audio.
Oct 19, 2017
Solid build quality and aesthetic, with flat cables which I like. However the sound quality is nothing to shout about. Get these if you want a cheap pair you dont wanna worry about losing or to use for exercise etc
Aug 25, 2017
I got them last time they dropped. Meh, nothing to write home about. Will get rid off them.
Aug 24, 2017
To those of you sweating over the $8, I'll pick these up and make a review of them.
Please reply to my comment with questions beforehand so I know what I should focus on. I don't make headphone reviews on the regular.
Hello Everyone. I've thoroughly enjoyed my Dynamic Motion DXE50 IEMs. They are worth the money, but not a penny more. You can buy an equivalent at almost any Family Dollar Store for about $5-$6USD.
I apologize for the delay - my package was delivered on time, but someone was holding my package and forgot to give it to me. To be honest, I forgot that I've ordered them!
Aug 24, 2017
MassDebatesHow do they compare to cx 180?
Aug 25, 2017
MassDebates9 bucks I spend that on cheese every week. Drop in a bucket. Bass response, Mid-Range response, Treble response just to name a few.
Aug 14, 2017
Just got mine, haven't burned them in yet but initial impressions are good. Sound is clear. Highs are crisp, lows are punchy, maybe a little too much. Definitely good for the price especially if you like a lot of bass.
Jul 18, 2017
So good earphone
Jul 13, 2017
I'm tempted to buy these since they are so cheap, but I can't find anything about them anywhere other than Massdrop. Does anyone know anything about the quality of these?
Aug 24, 2017
Elias_WatsonTrue, I cant even confirm if these originally cost $20
Aug 29, 2017
Elias_WatsonDon't be afraid,these things sound awesome ,especially for the price,very clear with punchy bass..
Jul 13, 2017
Looks like a ripoff of Xiaomi's original Piston earbuds, as linked here. The originals didn't have the hole.
Jul 17, 2017
NlckPretty sure I have knockoffs of these. Got em for free so it doesn't matter and I never really used them. At the time I exclusively used my PS Vita in-ear's w/ mic. I decided I'd give them a spin since I've taken my first leap into the audiophile scene 11 months ago. They're god awful lol. Not sure how good the original Piston's are but these knockoffs are a joke for anything at all. I figured for comparison I would try my old PS Vita earphones, which I used exclusively for 3-4 years. They're nowhere near as bad but I'd never go back to them even for a casual listen while jogging. For a full comparison of all the earphones I have, I decided to also test the free ones that came with my BLU smartphone that I used temporarily while waiting for my new one to ship in from One Plus, and test the ones that came with the Galaxy S8 which was made by AKG now that Samsung owns them! The ones that came with the BLU smartphone is pretty much on par with the PS Vita ones but slightly worse. The AKG ones made the Galaxy S8 are the best of the bunch. While not good, they're at least usable unlike the other 3. They're valued at 100 MSRP but MSRP is a joke number anyways and they're more like something you'd probably pay 20-25 for at best. I currently use these in situations where my M50x's aren't the best idea like the gym/jogging outside and while at work. Obviously I don't have any high quality IEM's or anything here and, besides the AKG ones for the Galaxy S8 which I got very recently, I didn't expect anything of the previous earphones. I just thought it would be a fun, albeit cringe-inducing, thing to do while I was bored. I honestly didn't expect anything of the S8 earphones when I got them either but to my surprise they're actually very good for free bundled earphones.
As a side note, I currently only own the Audio-Technica M50x's, with Sound Professionals Velour earpads and black/white 550 paracord wrapped around the headband for a nicer aesthetic and to keep the pleather in good shape. I got the idea from a massdropper on the M50x drop discussion page. I'm currently running them on a Schiit Fulla 2 DAC/AMP which I bought in anticipation of the HD 6xx drop that I joined.
Jul 18, 2017
TanvirK175 a few years ago when the piston 2.1's came out, they were basically the best at the price point, by far, and more so if you modded them (defoamed/descreened). i liked them enough that i imported several hundred pairs and sold them to my friends. for 20$ they were pretty much untouchable, and you could tell real ones from fakes largely by scent, the real ones were scented like sweetened chocolate, and by the design of the screens. the company that designed them, 1more, went on to make the 1 more triples (hybrid ba/dynamic) and quads which are EXCELLENT, and some of the best performers at their price points. the pistons cant really compete with my high end stuff like my campfires or my shures, but for throwaways they were excellent. LOTS of fakes around, and often hard to tell other than sound/scent. the new cheap meme headphones are monks and i havent had the opportunity to try those yet.
Jul 12, 2017
I can't seem to find any reviews on these, I know it's just 10 bucks, but I still want to know what I'm getting myself into... has anybody heard these, or know of a review?
Jul 13, 2017
SephHaleywas thinking the same too.. so many Chi Fi recently making me cautious even for a 10 bucks... haha
Aug 27, 2017
akmalDynamic Motion is Korean.
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