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EPOS H6PRO Gaming Headset

EPOS H6PRO Gaming Headset

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Product Description
EPOS has established itself as a go-to in the world of gaming audio—and with the new H6PRO headset, the brand is turning things up a level. While many gaming headsets focus on aesthetic style (read: RGB everywhere) and a lot of bass for immersion, the H6PRO delivers exceptionally detailed and lifelike sound in streamlined design Read More

Sep 30, 2022
The title doesnt say it but this is the H6 Pro Open Back Gaming Headset. You can visually see and you can see in the description. Here is a couple graphs I took of it a while ago. Updated ones I'll make soon. Do note the rig I use is GRAS clone rig so over 3k is not accurate or comparable to the target or other GRAS rigs. Also do not use these graphs with Autop EQ. But this will give you an idea of how it sounds vs the PC38x which uses the same driver but completely different housing. I see many people saying to use the Closed pads on these so I included a graph of that because IMO it sounds awful. Also the Racing Green colour in person looks incredible. The Green and gold is one of the best colourways I have scene on a gaming headset in ages. Its so pretty.
Sep 29, 2022
The detachable mic is nice. Honestly I want this almost just for the colors. Gonna try to find a graph to see how its tuned. Description sounds like it isn’t newrly as V shaped as most other “gaming” focused cans so I’m hoping it has enough bass to make some games really shine but also hope its got really good clear mids.
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