ESS AMT LE 6" Speakers

ESS AMT LE 6" Speakers

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Product Description
The new ESS AMT LE 6” Speakers are faithful reproductions of the original AMT 1's: the only compact speakers ever made by the storied ESS brand. Available in a limited edition, these new recreations feature the same crystal-clear sound driven by a HEIL Air Motion Transformer III and HEIL AMT Brilliance Control Read More

Dec 26, 2020
Poorer manufacturing workmanship than any of the $50 per pair speakers I have. By far the worst paint I have seen on any commercial loudspeaker product, ever. Attempting to return the pair I ordered. So far in a week's time, no response from Drop customer support.
Dec 12, 2020
Too small for floor speakers, too big for desktop speakers. Perfect for the bathroom.
Sep 22, 2020
Its now the 3rd business day past the expected ship date. Is there any update?
Aug 21, 2020
Please ship this to India
Aug 19, 2020
Can these be shipped to Europe and at what cost? Thanks!
Dec 12, 2020
The crazy price of shipping from the USA is all about air freight. If these were sent to the EU via container ships the shipping cost would be far lower and as the EU imposes a 20% tax not only on the price of the product but on shipping costs this would mean a significant drop in the bottom line price.
Dec 12, 2020
Tax is something I take into account, it is just what it is. Air freight is expensive, no doubt about that.
Aug 18, 2020
Some aspects of this loudspeaker would be a good basis for a floor-stander project; perhaps a component kit with the option of a flatpack cabinet or fully built up speaker... It would be nice to see a full set of parameters for the various stages of the product - the TAKET air-motion unit (for example) goes beyond 50khz so surprised to see the 22khz top on this one!
When the Heil AMT 1 was first introduced, I worked for Tom Jennings and Associates, and we were the Manufacturer's Rep in the Southern California territory. I know the ins and outs of the first version pretty well, as I visited their original factory and was part of the team. I have no idea of the current owners, but Somebody, evidently, has taken over the name of the firm, and has introduced us to this current miniaturuzed version and reincarnation of the device. I have no clue how it will perform, as it uses current materials available, and the quality of raw materials is not the same as in the 1970's. Should the diaphragms need replacement, I wonder about price and availability. The cabinet design for the two woofers is of interest to me, as for internal bracing and polyester bat stuffing, etc. unless one of these is actually a passive radiator.... but who knows until somebody divulges some type of engineering information. also... the crossover network between drivers.. what are they using for that? In any event, and whatevet the outcome of all these questions, I do hope this message finds all of you well and happy and listening to music that you enjoy. Sincerely, me Barry Pyne San Francisco, CA August 2020
Aug 18, 2020
Thank you for the nice message :)
Aug 17, 2020
The specs are incomplete, no qualifiers. That indicates to me that the product quality and performance may be dubious. Sorry, but this is something I insist upon before parting with money. They also seem really problematic with placement. Think I'll just stick with my ProaAc EBTs for now. At least they are a known and proven quantity.
Aug 17, 2020
These could be a nice pair of computer speakers. Combine them with a PS Audio Sprout amp or similar and they should sound pretty good without the need of a sub. EES Lab should include photos in recommended room setups to give an idea where they will make sense, and also how do they look.
Downfiring drivers would probably be pretty unpleasant on a desk. High quality 2.0 speakers would likely do better (for much cheaper).
Aug 17, 2020
Comparing these to something like ML 35xti I can see how they priced them as such. But they're able to charge a lot because their brand is often featured in big box stores for demo and still very relevant in 2020. However, there is not enough data for these - specs and reviews are too lacking to be able to compare them. To start with I'd like to know the crossover for these.
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