Fanmusic C006 XLR Interconnect Cables
Fanmusic C006 XLR Interconnect Cables
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Product Description
No DAC/amp stack is completed without a quality connection. Designed for DACs with two XLR outs and headphone amps with two XLR ins, the C006 XLR Interconnect Cables from Fanmusic bridge a balanced connection for distortion-free listening Read More
  • Fanmusic C006
  • Wire material: Two-core braided hi-fi L-2T2S Canare copper
  • Conductor insulation layer material: XLPE polyethylene
  • Shell material: PVC and neoprene
  • Plug material: Black gold-plated NC3MXX-B and NC3FXX-B NEUTRIK
  • Wire length: 20cm(excluding plug)
  • Number of conductors: 2
  • Standard cable diameter: 6 mm 
  • Conductor cross-sectional area: 0.30mm
  • Quantity of conductor copper wires: 60
  • Diameter of conductor copper wire: 0.08 mm
  • Torque: 20 mm
  • Core DC Resistance: 6.4/100m
  • Shielded DC Resistance: 3.1/100m
  • Thermal shock: 120 CX for 1 hour
  • Voltage test: 1000 Vdc x 1 Minute
  • Conductor impedance: <900/km
  • Cable length: 7.9 in (20 cm)

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