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Cayin MT-35MK2 Tube Integrated Bluetooth Amp

Cayin MT-35MK2 Tube Integrated Bluetooth Amp

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Product Description
With its backlit voltage meter, color-matched volume and selector switches, and exposed tubes, the Cayin MT-35MK2 Tube Integrated Bluetooth Amp is a beautiful desktop device, aesthetically speaking. However, it’s when you look under the hood that you really see why this thing sings Read More

May 8, 2023
What the voltage of this amplifier. It is notified 120v. In France we've got 240v.
Feb 8, 2023
So just a 30 day return window and no actual warranty. Why would anyone purchase a $800 amp knowing after thirty days it could become a worthless brick?
Feb 6, 2023
Looking to buy this for HifiMan Arya 32ohm , Can anyone guide if this will sound good? Could not find any reviews for headphone usage with this?
Mar 31, 2023
Dhaval6666Tube amps arent made for low ohm headphones like the Arya. Look elsewhere.
Headphoneguy999That, and this is primarily a speaker amp.
Oh man… I love the silver, haven’t heard Cayin gear but I’ve read great things about their DAPs and amps. Anyone know of a good review on this?
Nov 18, 2022
Looking around, the pricing is not great. See
Feb 3, 2023
Any chance you can tube roll with easy to find alternatives?
Feb 3, 2023
Aka_maverickSadly, the only direct replacement for a 5BK7 tube is another 5BK7. Pretty much any other option would require modification of the amplifier, especially with regards to the heater voltage. The 5BK7 tube uses a 4.7v heater, while most potential alternatives use 6.3v or 12.6v heaters. Best bet if one were to buy this is to immediately start scouring the tube sales storefronts for matched and balanced 5BK7/5BK7A, and buy enough for the expected lifespan of the amp. Good luck there. In theory, most of the 5BK7A tubes should give something around 5000 hours minimum (~2 years of usage 8 hours a day) before they start losing their mojo. Plan accordingly.
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