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GoGo Caliber Pedal Tuner

GoGo Caliber Pedal Tuner

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Product Description
New from GoGo Tuners, the upgraded Caliber pedal tuner features the durability and easy-to-read display of its predecessor, along with a few key upgrades. This new device has a calibration mode with wide references pitches from 430 to 450 Hz, and also boasts tighter tuning accuracy, with +/- 0.5-cent accuracy and a detection range of A0 (27.5 Hz) to C8 (4186.00 Hz) Read More

Jul 27, 2017
I had one of the older versions of this tuner - the orange one. No problems with accuracy but I did get a loud annoying hum when it was switched on. I had to put the amp in standby when tuning to avoid the dirty looks I got from the bandmates. Just wondering if this issue was addressed with the newer version
Jul 27, 2017
One of the few pedals that can actually tune down to 430 hz. Might pick this up.
Jul 27, 2017
Does this work with bass guitars as well? Or is it solely for guitars?
Feb 17, 2016
Speaking from experience, clip-on tuners lose their minds in loud envrionments. We played a room for 15,000 people and my Snark absolutely crapped itself. I recently invested in a pedal tuner for this exact reason.
Jan 29, 2016
Anyone know the advantage to this VS a Snark (or whichever brand clip-on tuner)?
Jan 30, 2016
TomSawyerPedal tuners will generally be more accurate than a clip-on tuner. They can also be more covenient depending on whether you just play at home or do gigs;(you just have to step on it and you're ready to tune).
Jul 27, 2017
TomSawyerclip on tuners are good for "when close is good enough" according to Mike Hickey , Guitar Tech for Bonamassa. I've been looking to replace the one in my current pedal train for awhile now, this looks good and has a 9v pass thru
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