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Dec 3, 2014
Another lighter much cheaper option is the old sansa fuze [not the fuze+ or clip]which can be picked up on ebay for $40. It will support 32-320Kbps for MP3 and 32-256Kbps for WMA; WMA, secure WMA, FLAC, Ogg-Vorbis, and audiobooks [no AAC] ; supports is Gapless playback which means non stop music. FM radio 40-preset FM radio with FM recording, a voice recorder, audio clips are saved in the WAV format, and has a 24-hour music playback and 5 hours of video on battery charge; Video compatible with MPEG4 (SP) QCIF+ 20fps, MP4, MOV, AVI, DiVX, WMV, H.264 on a 1.9" inch 224 x 176 screen the microSDHC slot card expands the 2,4 or 8 gb internal an additional 32gb max. its smaller lighter,but you dont get composite outputs. it can be rockbox'ed [RockBox firmware] and accepts a FiiO L6 Line Out Dock (LOD) Cable. 48kHz is the max sample frequency so no 96 and 192kHz files but you save 80% of the price of this one. if you want the hi-fi just run it through your DAC /AMP you likely already have. It seems to be rated at16-32 ohms but runs up to around 75 Ohm rated headphones no problem [which is almost all earbud style, bose q15's] but larger ohm [power] draw headphones limits your max volume. the manual details here page 5 The sound is ruler flat and neutral with no peaks, dips or roll offs at either end of the spectrum. The sound can be tweaked via the built in EQ which offers the popular EQ presets like Rock, Pop etc as well as a 5 band custom EQ. However the EQ works in such a way that if you increase a particular band, instead of increasing the dB of that particular band the Fuze+ decreases the dB of all other bands. I have one and although not a hi-fi its a solid portable music option. it uses microUSB 2.0 to charge and drag drop files to the memory [internal or external card folders].Those of you who have a large collection of music that would be difficult to manage can use the MTP(Media Transfer Protocol) mode which allows you to use Windows Media Player to manage music and playlists on the device. If you wish to just use the drag and drop facility then you can select the default MSC (Mass Storage Mode) which turns the Fuze into a portable drive. Use the latest firmware depending on the size of the internal memory. good tips
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