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HiSound PAA-1 Pro Earbuds

HiSound PAA-1 Pro Earbuds

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Top Notch Earbuds

The PAA-1 Pro earbuds from HiPhone are an excellent example of value for money. If you're into earbuds, then you have a specific taste in headphones. Luckily, HiSound Audio made the PAA-1 Pro to satisfy all your earbud based requirements. Solid sound stage? Check. Pleasurable base? Check. Mids smoother than a glass of warm milk? Check. The PAA-1 Pro wont outshine your full size audiophile headphones, but it'll make your commute a lot more enjoyable.

HiSound PAA-1 Pro Earbuds

What does it sound like?

Ranked as the second best earbud in the world by Head-Fi, the sound that comes out of these is easy to enjoy. The general feel is very warm and smooth, with mild bass and articulate highs. The soundstage is wide and airy, and helps add detail to your sound. These are a dramatic improvement over your standard Apple earbuds, and have one of the highest price to performance ratios on the market.

HiSound PAA-1 Pro Earbuds


  • Type:Dynamic,open
  • Size of the driver:@16mmm
  • Impedance:32 OHMS
  • Sensitivity:105db
  • Maximum SPL (Sound pressure level):120db(1khz,1 Vrms)
  • Frequency response:20-21khz
  • Earphone jack :3.5mm
  • Cable length:114 cm


Estimated ship date is Dec 20, 2013 PT.

Payment will be collected at checkout. After this product run ends, orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final.

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