Libratone Live Speaker
Libratone Live Speaker
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Libratone Live

This is a group buy for the Libratone Live Speaker set, a sexy, new one of a kind cashmere wireless speaker system. That said, it’s not completely wireless – you do need to plug it into the wall. This is absolutely a good thing, since with the kind of volume this speaker can deliver; you need a lot of power. The Libratone Live Speaker Set is the sort of tool you use to turn a room full of people into a party.

Flexible, simple, stylish

Libratone Live is a wireless sound system designed to soundtrack your life. With its minimalistic Scandinavian design it adapts to any setting, while the wireless technology lets you stream your favorite tunes from your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Mac/PC or Android device in full 360-degree stereo sound.

Will work ANYWHERE

The wireless features present in this little box are indeed impressive. Libratone put quite a bit of time and thought into making sure this speaker system just works when you turn it on. Boasting Airplay, DNLA, and Libratone's own proprietary wireless technology, PlayDirect, this device has so many ways to connect that there are Windows ME users who can get this to work.

  • Color - Blueberry Black
  • FullRoom acoustic technology for exceptional sound
  • AirPlay and DLNA support for high-resolution wireless audio streaming
  • Libratone PlayDirect™ eliminates need for a Wi-Fi access point or router
  • Digital signal processing and digital amplification

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