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Feb 12, 2021
I'm using these LZ A7 for edm & rap. Black filter monitor switch, tight dekoni tips, tripowen c8 cable, ak sp2000 balanced output. We're too bright with silicone tips ,tryed linsoul nymph cable also too bright, the c8 & dekoni perfect to my ears. Very fast and detailed mid bass, wide soundstage. For a lot of edm music I prefer the LZ A7 over my Sony ierz1r because of the faster mid bass and less sub bass. If the music has a monotonous sub bass track mixed in with limited progression the ierz1r is annoying, although in some rare mixes the sub bass has interesting progression mixed in and wow the sony nails it. The LZ A7 is small and comfortable, foam tips do take some getting used to but are necessary to lower the treble and increase the bass, EQ didn't work for me it just closed down the soundstage. The first time i tryed them I listened to all my rap and edm again, 1 day and half a night straight ,seemed to alter the mixes really interestingly.
Feb 12, 2021
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