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In the new A7 IEM, LZ has unloaded an astounding range of components and features to deliver an entrancing earphone experience. First up, the drivers Read More

Feb 12, 2021
I'm using these LZ A7 for edm & rap. Black filter monitor switch, tight dekoni tips, tripowen c8 cable, ak sp2000 balanced output. We're too bright with silicone tips ,tryed linsoul nymph cable also too bright, the c8 & dekoni perfect to my ears. Very fast and detailed mid bass, wide soundstage. For a lot of edm music I prefer the LZ A7 over my Sony ierz1r because of the faster mid bass and less sub bass. If the music has a monotonous sub bass track mixed in with limited progression the ierz1r is annoying, although in some rare mixes the sub bass has interesting progression mixed in and wow the sony nails it. The LZ A7 is small and comfortable, foam tips do take some getting used to but are necessary to lower the treble and increase the bass, EQ didn't work for me it just closed down the soundstage. The first time i tryed them I listened to all my rap and edm again, 1 day and half a night straight ,seemed to alter the mixes really interestingly.
Jan 6, 2021
Are they worth the $280 asking price??? If they don't come with a switch tool can a micro tool screw driver be used??
Jan 7, 2021
Bob3600I think they are worth the $280. I bought mine from Penon before they appeared on this site and I paid $318. They are excellent IEMs with a lot of tuning versatility. I settled on the Pop switch setting and the silver nozzles. A tool for changing the switch is included in the package.
Nov 27, 2020
The LZ A7 has held my attention in the last month. I personally like the size and shape because of similarly shaped IEMs I currently have… this style is less to no fatiguing when wearing long periods of time. Cables are not an issue for me and I actually am quite fond of some cables. (call me weird. lol ) I was looking at the A7 earlier today on Penon. Sale price for A7 is $279 (11.27.20) So.. pricing similar at the moment. 
Jan 30, 2021
It was actually very helpful seeing they've been that cheap. Much more than your comment.
Jan 31, 2021
FatJoeSure, no worries, I respect your opinion. As you say, they have been cheaper. Still, where a purchaser could buy them now (or at the time the comment was posted, anyway) would have been the most helpful of all.
Oct 11, 2020
I'm a fan of LZ company that makes unique profiles for their IEMs. Even loved their niche 'down to earth' design at times. But They'll really need to catch up the market for a bit. Nobody's buying overpriced small-name wired earphones anymore (Don't get the wrong idea. This is from average consumers point of view! I truly wanted LZ to make more profits, then keep us entertained with new experiments!). Go make some HiFi TWS with affordable price tag!! Put some seriously hybrid/Good drivers in it with compact fit. The market is still there! Eat this part of cake, and stay afloat!!
Nov 27, 2020
Right? 😅 With the crowd I hang with, these A7 are a hot item, and many other wired IEM’s besides - even though I am *way* more a headphone guy than an IEM guy, even I have picked up an LZ A6mini, a Tin Hifi P1, Shuoer Tape, and oBravo Cupid this year alone (and that’s not an exhaustive list 😅), and I’m staring long and hard at this one while I wait for my TRI I3 hybrid planar IEM to ship 😂 I mean, I get half of what he is saying, I’m hoping higher end IEMs make it into TWS solutions, too, but I used my wired IEM’s at the gym with the wireless convenience of my ES100 BT receiver, so TWS would be “nice,” but not necessary for me, strictly speaking!
Nov 27, 2020
trellusI think he’s trying to do what I’ve been doing. Looks wise I literally came here just read the comments because from the initial look it looks like a very cheap overpriced iem, but if you look at its construction, there’s nothing cheap about this iem. This is an example of if you’re gonna charge 260 bucks, at least take less % off the top and make a higher quality product, this looks like a very high quality product overall. Just because something a small doesn’t mean it needs to be a small price, but I agree most iems are extremely overpriced, especially the 250+ dollar single driver ones.
Oct 11, 2020
Oct 11, 2020
Penon Audio has them for 318 - 319 and no tax collected. I took the plunge.
Oct 10, 2020
got psychic damage from looking at these
Oct 10, 2020
Reviews can be found on I favor the review by RikudouGoku
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