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M&O MOOH-BE00BT Headphones

M&O MOOH-BE00BT Headphones

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Product Description
M&O’s MOOH-BE00BT (or MOZero) headphones have been turning heads at CanJam events: inexpensive and well-liked, they represent an impressive value in the closed-back category. The 45-millimeter drivers use beryllium, a material that’s rarely found even in much more expensive models Read More

Customer Reviews

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65% would recommend to a friend
Mar 29, 2023
checkVerified Buyer
Sounds Decent, Great for Casual Listening
Not necessarily great in any regard but sounds good enough, been using this when exercising and they've held up.
Dec 27, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Repair Guide
Short review: Very good sound, outstanding value for the price (esp. the Drop price). I don't feel the need to write an extensive review because it would simply echo/replicate what others have already said: They have an excellent sound with a very non-fatiguing quality to them. Great for films or TV shows, and extended music listening. That being said, I'm here today to discuss the dreaded crack between the headband and pivot. I cut the cord out of the case the minute they arrived, and in general I'm *extremely* careful with my things (my wife might say obsessively so). I managed to get 1.5 years of use out of them before the dreaded crack. What's even worse: they didn't break from abuse but merely accidentally trying to swivel the earcups in the wrong direction while putting them away :'(. Le Sadboi. It just took a little bit of pressure and the inner plastic molding where the screw bites in was cracked off. Thankfully, because the damage was non-traumatic in nature, the exterior of the plastic didn't actually crack, enabling a straightforward repair. I went to the hardware store and purchased two screws about 2x larger than the original ones. What I found is that there is plenty of room to use a much larger and longer screw that can effectively bite in to the plastic backing trim and "clamp" the swivel part to the metal headband part. Just had to make sure they were not so long that they didn't poke through out the other side. Left: Upgraded screws Right: Original
These screws worked out perfectly. They were still small enough to fit through the two holes in the headband metal part. For extra reinforcement, I mixed up some clear J-B Weld 2-party epoxy and put just the smallest drop in each of the holes. This gives the threads something to bite into, and once everything is screwed together the epoxy oozed out between the parts for a permeant bond. I don't necessarily recommend the epoxy unless you are familiar with how to mix and apply it and are good at self-restraint when it comes to the phrase "use sparingly"

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Dec 16, 2021
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high value, decent BT headphones
Sound signature is very bass-heavy, with mids and highs still present and not drowned out. Definitely a 'fun' tuned headphone, great for movies. BT works fine, I used them wired as well though. Unlike many others, mine have not broken yet, I don't put any extra pressure on the joints when taking them off my head. A real bargain for the price at which they were sold.
Feb 8, 2022
MadMan007"I don't put any extra pressure on the joints when taking them off my head" lmao
Dec 9, 2021
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Good Sounding wireless Headphone!
I wasn't impressed with the sound when I first listened to this but it has become one of my favorite wireless headphones for purely for its balanced yet slightly V shape sound signature. I hope we see future models from this company.
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Nov 6, 2021
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never received them
As I have never received these ones, I cannot review them.
Nov 5, 2021
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Poor Build Quality
These were used normally with no drops or rough handling, yet still suffered the same fate as many others have described where the plastic fails, rendering them essentially useless without a superglue fix. Until the break, they sounded fine. Disappointed to see the quality from Drop be this poor, highly unlikely that I will purchase any of their products in the future.
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Aug 26, 2021
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Fantastic sound quality, dodgy build quality.
I was searching for a pair of these, for 18 months or so. For $50 they were a steal. My son broke these by pulling them off his head, they way he pulls his cheap gaming headset off. I gaffer taped them back up again. People expecting a perfect product for $50, especially one of this audio quality should probably not be buying end of life products from drop. If anyone wants to send me their broken headset, I'll pay you $50 for them, you take care of postage. (I don't need the box, just the cups with the drivers.) Bluetooth is hopeless, v4, never used it, never charged it, I use a cable to a DAC/AMP, (static & portable) and I swapped out the pads for ZMF Ori Suede. Where these things excel is as headphones for live music, there is a live Muddy Waters album where it sounds like you're in the room with them. Jame's Cotton's harmonica is a force of nature. They're wide, deep, fast & tight, primarily due to the secret sauce that is the, (I presume) Beryllium coating to the 43mm driver. Beryllium is rare and expensive, the $4000 Focal Utopia has a driver made out of Beryllium, as do some of my IEM's with only one dud, (the Moondrop SSR, avoid) as such, as I said above, for $50 they are a steal. If you consider yourself an Audiophile, I chafe a little at that description, or a budding basshead, you need to hear these things, I'll probably have to find an alternate headband for these, I figure a basic Grado rig should do fine. I'm loathe to remove the driver from the housing lest it colour the sound. Suffice to say, if you can find these, buy them. In hindsight I should have bought two.
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Apr 16, 2021
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broke after normal use
welp seems mine have finaly broke. But unlucky enough it seems there is no one replying to there support email so I am just out of luck and stuck with broken headphones at this point. The sound is great but if there plastic just breaks and they have 0 customer service now I would not reccomend anything from them
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Mar 12, 2021
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Good sound really bad quality
I really like the sound it is nice and full the bass has a really nice kick but it is all outweighed by the production quality. When i first got them they had this rattling caused by the buttons but I did not send them back because of the really nice sound than after a couple of months of sporadical use they decided not to turn on unless plugged into the charger. After that had happened I decided to use them as my at home headphones plugged into my computer. I used them for about six month that way and today the thing i hoped would not happen happened they snapped at the hinge due to flimsy plastic. Overall i would not reccommend this product.
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Mar 4, 2021
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Great sound quality, sadly glue is necessary for the headphones to last very long.
When i first got my pair these headphones sounded amazing although I don't have any experience with other audiophile gear. After 2 months they broke right where the cups met the headband. I fixed this with some glue and effort but in another month the other side of the headphones broke in the same spot. More glue and 2-3 months later they stopped charging. The gist is that they sound great but seem to have been built horribly. (I'm still using them now via aux cable)
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