Massdrop x Noble Luxe In-Ear Monitors
Massdrop x Noble Luxe In-Ear Monitors
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Noble Audio has been delighting the community with beautiful, great-sounding in-ear monitors for years. At its helm is Dr. John Moulton, an audiologist by training who fans have appropriately nicknamed the Wizard Read More

Jan 21, 2021
good collection on amazon with free shipping
Sep 29, 2020
how do these compare with the ear phones that American Airlines gives out on their flights...
Jun 18, 2020
These sound like ass
Sep 29, 2020
Its only air... it might stink a bit... but its just air :-)
May 7, 2020
Hey, does anyone know if a MacBook Pro would be able to drive these? I don't want to waste money and I honestly do not know much about audio quality at all. If it helps, most of my listening is done through Spotify.
Jul 13, 2020
You’ll do just fine with these powered thru your MBPro! I’d research if these are truly gonna be the best bang for your buck tho..there are lots of well-reviewed iems out there for far less than this pair even. And that’s for a good reason. I don’t usually prefer to jump on the hype train but for $29 (I believe?) you can get the Blon BL-03 rn from drop. Those are excellent sounding, and not just for their price..they’re just plain ole’ good any way you slice it. Others that sound good for far less money than these are the KZ ZS10 Pro, some of the offerings from Tin and many others. Best of luck with whatever direction you take. Btw, most of the offerings In iems under this price point will be easy to drive without dedicated amplification.
Power is almost never a concern with IEM's but noise levels and the output impedance do very much matter. Those items are usually the reason people add an amp to their IEM setup. In this case the IEM is quite inefficient at 90db/mW (low for any type of headphone) and has a relatively low nominal impedance of 16 ohms (demands current from source). Older samsung phones (pre 9 I believe) will not be a good match (very high distortion below 32 ohm load) nor is anything with a high output impedance (>2 ohms). Some of the macbook pro's have a 10 ohm output impedance, this will matter more with multiple driver IEM's but depending on the impedance curve of this IEM it won't be idel. TLDR: Yes it will work and probably sound decent, no it will be no where near ideal.
Nov 24, 2019
I purchased these as an add-on bundle with my HE4XX (so they were rather reasonably priced, but still...) so I can't leave a review for these as I'm not a verified purchaser. However, I just need to say that these feel and sound like the original Apple Earpods compared to my TIN T3 which are the SAME price. Don't buy these headphones, the only thing they have going for them is the bass. The wire is awful, they feel cheap and don't sound better than $10-20 earbuds from any generic brand.
May 7, 2019
this or IT01 or KC09?
Jun 27, 2019
IT01 for sure.
Mar 23, 2019
I'm having a hard time believing people are ready to buy such a low quality product for such a high price, brand marketing is really something incredible
Jun 27, 2019
Totally agree with U.
will these work with a Sennheiser belt pack? Any experience with sweat and being able to seal effectively. Oh right, these aren't actual IEMs like professional musicians use. They are just co-opting the term to make their cheap earbuds seem more upmarket.
Feb 22, 2019
how do these compared to audio technica m50x headphones?
Jul 13, 2020
Apples and oranges unfortunately due to HPs vs IEMs, driver type etc and so on. I would not recommend these for the current price. I’m not hugely in love with the m50x either so there are many options I like better than those and I think if you tell people what you’re looking In portable audio, we’ll all be willing and able to help you better!
Jan 30, 2019
 "Noble and its first-ever product under $100" Generally I would deem a company more ethical by foraying into the territory of "value" products, before throwing money into a no-name company selling IEMs for thousands of dollars. However, that isn't the case. Noble's Wizard has proven that he is competent at designing IEMs , or at the very least a competent marketer and businessman. That said, I feel the build quality of this IEM is abysmal. For 90 dollars you get a thin rubberized wire, chi-fi microphones in the signal path and a questionable TRRS jack as evidenced by it coming apart in another person's post below. What gives with the components aside from the driver costing a maximum of 2 USD, assuming these are made in China. If they aren't there are Chinese parts, 100 percent as I see the OEM stuff used in it. This is an example of using the brand-name labeling of Noble's name to sell IEMs highly inflated to the point it's no longer capitalism, but capitalist greed. There's zero reason these should be anywhere over the realm of 30 dollars and that's pushing it. The real question the consumer has to ask themselves in 2019, is why are these companies scared of making a good product for a good price? 90 dollars is a lot of money, for a lot of people. For 90 dollars you should get a luxurious return in sound quality on investment, same with BUILD quality, in the IEM world. Don't support hyper-inflated money-grabs like these. These should have better sound, better build w/ removable cables at an equally better price. Just seeing an IEM sold of this caliber by a company selling IEMs for several hundred, and thousands of dollars raises huge red flags regarding the company's ethics. Even if they resolved these issues I feel it would be in moral conflict of the greater good to support a company like this.
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Jan 22, 2021