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May 1, 2016
Mine arrived earlier today. At first listen I thought it was broken, all bass, no mids or highs at all. After 10 minutes, either my brain figured them out or the speakers broke loose a bit, the vocals sounded much clearer.
Definitely bass emphasized, quite a contrast to some other headphones/IEMs that I've been listening to lately. Turn the volume up and the bass emphasis gets to the point where its making a hot mess of the music. But listening to some genres, i.e. KPop, it seems to fit in really well. Right now, with the volume knob is turned down, the low end did not disappear like it does on some other headphones/IEMs which is a good thing.
THey don't need much power. Ridiculously easy to (over)drive with my android phone.
Comfort is ok, its not going to win any prizes. The ear pads rest on the ears, so for me, it means shorter listening sessions rather than longer.
Construction is plastic, durability is suspect. I don't abuse my gear, so it will probably last.
Lets get right to it, for the price, can there really be any cause for complaints?
I bought a bunch, so the kiddos are going to have some fun with some new cheapies.
May 1, 2016
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