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Jan 29, 2021
It's amazing how many people come on here complaining about price without exercising any rational thought.
  1. The price is MSRP.
  2. This is the manufacturer's fixed price that all of their dealer network must advertise & adhere to in print.
  3. If Drop offers a direct discount, it'll undercut the dealer network & cause an uproar. (Anyone remember the Quad ERA-1 controversy?)
  4. The only way an authorized dealer can advertise a lower price is if it's authorized by the manufacturer so that their entire network has the same price.
What does all of this mean? It means that Drop either bought inventory from an AD or arranged to act as a conduit to push a product that's not moving through the normal means. They have to offer the product at MSRP & only have the means to offer what effectively is a 10% discount through rewards points. Of course you could always call or walk into an AD & negotiate a better deal. It is what it is.......
Jan 30, 2021
MaverickAHIt’s not necessarily a complaint, more so a critique. Drop has lost what made them a standout. A few years ago, you could go 4 or 5 days without a new listing. Back then they were more about seeking out real deals, quality, over quantity. Now everyday, there are new listings. I’d like to see Drop do better. Hopefully all of the cumulative criticisms will wake the bean counters up.
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