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Millenia MG3 Audio Digital Amplifier

Millenia MG3 Audio Digital Amplifier

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Unique Integrated Amp

Utilizing unique amplification technology, green energy saving operation, and a custom designed BD amplifier, the Millenia MG-3 is a highly reviewed integrated amplifier and recipient of the 2012 PFO Writer's Choice Award. The unit features a simple and clean design consisting of a black, metal housing. Included are 5-way binding posts, a pair of RCA input jacks, and a 3.5 mm jack on the front of the unit to connect to other sources.

Millenia MG3 Audio Digital Amplifier

Design Overview

Additionally, the MG3 has an outboard linear power supply with an EIC connector that connects to the rear power jack. It can support a voltage range of 0.1V to 4V and has an input impedance of 75k ohms on both RCA and 3.5 mm jacks. For an in depth review, check out what PFO writer, John Hoffman, had to say here.

Millenia MG3 Audio Digital Amplifier
Millenia MG3 Audio Digital Amplifier
Millenia MG3 Audio Digital Amplifier


  • Power Output 8 W/ch@8 Ω < 1% THD 10 Hz – 20,000 Hz (10 W@ 10%) @12V
  • Power Output 32 W/ch@ 8 Ω < 1% THD 10 Hz –20,000 Hz (40 W@ 10%) @24V
  • Distortion typically less than .3% at any level below clipping onset from 10Hz – 20Khz
  • Power Bandwidth @1w is -3db@10Hz /-3db@28kHz
  • High Available Gain (+36 db) for desired levels when using Low Output Multi- Media Sources. The MG3 is non inverting with no preamp needed for low level line sources.
  • Current Consumption @ 24V is 2amp (20 watts/channel output) – ( 24v Iq = 50ma)
  • 8- Internal Lithium/Alkaline AA Batteries insert from rear for easy access - (12v Iq = 25ma)
  • AC or Battery operation with a seamless change to battery when AC supply is removed
  • Operates from 8V to 26V allowing external battery power to 24V@ 85% efficiency (24VDC - 3A Universal AC power supply included).
  • A Custom External Regulated Supply is allowed to 26V for 44W/channel max @10%
  • 85% @1w - > 90% efficiency from 2W to 10W when on internal battery power @8Ω
  • Optimized 8 ohm operation reduces distortion - increases wattage and battery life
  • Minimum 3.2 ohm loads (12 volts only recommended for low impedances)
  • Gold plated 5-way Binding Posts for speaker connection (spade friendly)
  • Gold plated 3.5mm front panel mini jack (75kΩ) for easy media player connection
  • Gold Plated RCA inputs (75kΩ) on rear overridden by mini jack connection
  • Two Year Limited Warranty from Manufacturers defects
  • Weight- with batteries - 2.3 lbs (1.04kg) without battteries- 2lbs (.907kg)
  • Dimensions- 6.5" D x 5.74" H x 2.76" W (16.5 cm x 14.75 cm x 7 cm)(Depth from knob end of speaker terminals)(Height without neoprene feet. 5.9" wf(14.98cm)


  • Speaker cable


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What got me excited about this amp is the great reviews. I've read Positive Feedback for many years, and I trust their reviews. They were a trusted part of my research as I went through a decades long journey to put together good sounding stereo systems for my enjoyment. So the review from John Hoffman really piqued my interest. I'm not an amp designer, but I did a lot of tinkering with these class D amps from back when they were first marketed and sold in those cheap little curved-top plastic cases with the cheap spring loaded speaker clips in the back. I did a lot of tinkering with power supplies, input and output caps, etc. to improve the sound. I also put together some of the better DIY amp kits from and, as well as tried a bunch of class D offerings from Indeed and Topping. Believe me, some are good, but a lot fall short of hopes and expectations. Meaning that just because it's class D, it doesn't mean it will be a giant killer. Some can be giant killers (generally the ones that you put together yourself and have control over the input and output caps, etc). But some are flat out disappointing, and others could be considered good, even great, values, but you would not consider them your endgame amps. Which is why I got excited about this amp. Whatever the technology or marketing terms they are using, it looks like they took it to that next step of tweaking the sound to bring it to that higher lever. If it's as good a John Hoffman's review makes it out to be, I'd happily pay $300 for that. I could build (and have built) some really good sounding class D amps from kits, but seeing as I have no time for tweaking anything these days, I don't mind paying more for someone to do that for me. In the end, as long as the technology is stable and sound, and the amp gives me the sound I seek at a good price, I'm not to worried about how they market the technology. This ones seems like it could fulfill the promise of great sound.
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