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Jun 24, 2015
I'm a tad concerned about latency via bluetooth. The specs list "USB-MIDI support"; can the C.24 be used as a keyboard for the iPad Air via a lightning-to-micro-USB cable? Whenever (or if) bluetooth proves dodgy, reliable USB/Lightning will be mandatory for a miniboard as expensive as this.
VarholiaglimpYes, you can use the lightning connection kit to hook it up as a USB MIDI keyboard. The latency on the Bluetooth is pretty low, and feels quite instant. It definitely isn't as low latency as USB, but I find playing it to be quite good.
Jun 25, 2015
christophercottonThanks for the clarification.
There will be situations in which even a slight amount of latency matters, so it's good to know that the C.24 will be usable in those cases. The size looks really convenient, but I'm wondering whether the keys feel as playable as the those of the CME XKey 25, which is larger but still fits into most of the bags and equipment cases I carry.
Another question: Is the C.24 offered on Massdrop the one that functions as a case for the 4th Gen iPad but not the iPad Air? If this one works as a case with the Air and Air 2, I'll definitely pick one up.
Jun 25, 2015
VarholiaglimpThe XKey is a cool product, but while it's keys are larger in plan view, the travel is only 2mm or less while the C.24 has nearly full travel of around 8mm making it feel much more piano-like. Also, the black keys are at the "piano" height above the white keys of nearly 10mm vs. 2mm for the XKey.
As for the iPad Air, while C.24 can be placed on it, like an oversize cover, the magnet patterns are different (thanks Apple) so it doesn't really hold effectively, although that's how I carry my Air around. The slot can also hold an Air for playing, although it tends to sit at a steeper angle.
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