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Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard

Miselu C.24 Wireless MIDI Keyboard

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Product Description
There's an abundance of apps out there for the Apple iOS and OS X devices that offer limitless potential for creating music, but the virtual keyboards on the screen lack the tactile satisfaction an actual keyboard brings. Miselu's C.24 wireless MIDI keyboard aims to bridge the gap - offering an expandable two octaves of range, the C.24 is a portable, Bluetooth enabled music keyboard that aims to bridge the digital divide with keys you can touch Read More

Jun 29, 2015
A wireless, Mac-only MIDI keyboard to use with your underpowered, overpriced, pain-in-the-ass iPad? Doubles as a hip-as-fuck iPad carrying case? Glad to see I'm not the only person not interested in buying this turd.
It's unfortunate that Massdrop has a queer guy like Danny Liu picking the audio drops with heavy emphasis on portable Apple devices.
Jul 2, 2015
zoomorphLiu probably picked this keyboard because he knows that a large number of iPad users are professional musicians whose client base consists of studios, film production houses and artists with macs. I own a few Android tablets myself, but my interest in them won't conjure audio support or a music application library. You can't be a snob when your hardware's your job.
Personally, I'm not buying the C.24 for other reasons. First, I like the action, scale and portability of less expensive keyboards. Second, the case doesn't fit the past two generations of iPads (which definitely eliminates the interest of the hipster user you mentioned).
If I were completely involved with Cubase or Reaper, I might consider buying a Surface Pro over an iPad -- that's the only real competition, but I'd still need practical field reports on latency. Music production is a special case.
Jun 24, 2015
I'm a tad concerned about latency via bluetooth. The specs list "USB-MIDI support"; can the C.24 be used as a keyboard for the iPad Air via a lightning-to-micro-USB cable? Whenever (or if) bluetooth proves dodgy, reliable USB/Lightning will be mandatory for a miniboard as expensive as this.
Jun 25, 2015
Thanks for the clarification.
There will be situations in which even a slight amount of latency matters, so it's good to know that the C.24 will be usable in those cases. The size looks really convenient, but I'm wondering whether the keys feel as playable as the those of the CME XKey 25, which is larger but still fits into most of the bags and equipment cases I carry.
Another question: Is the C.24 offered on Massdrop the one that functions as a case for the 4th Gen iPad but not the iPad Air? If this one works as a case with the Air and Air 2, I'll definitely pick one up.
Jun 25, 2015
VarholiaglimpThe XKey is a cool product, but while it's keys are larger in plan view, the travel is only 2mm or less while the C.24 has nearly full travel of around 8mm making it feel much more piano-like. Also, the black keys are at the "piano" height above the white keys of nearly 10mm vs. 2mm for the XKey.
As for the iPad Air, while C.24 can be placed on it, like an oversize cover, the magnet patterns are different (thanks Apple) so it doesn't really hold effectively, although that's how I carry my Air around. The slot can also hold an Air for playing, although it tends to sit at a steeper angle.
Jun 24, 2015
It sais it works with Macbook - can it work with other macs as well ? Does it connect wirelessly with macs or only via USB? Thanks in advance!
semiquaverIt works wirelessly with any Mac that has Yosemite and has Bluetooth LE, which if your Mac supports Handoff it should support it.
Jun 24, 2015
I backed this on Kickstarter. It took forever to get the reward, but it ended up being a fantastic product. I can highly recommend it.
Jun 23, 2015
IOS bloatware only or does it support Glorious Android?
Jun 24, 2015
ZacL.RupnowiOS only but for pretty good reasons. For Miselu's own app and the apps the MIDI Keyboard can be used with, it made more sense to tailor it to the Apple community. Heck, the keyboard can double as a protective case for certain iPad models, so it's definitely pretty entrenched where it's at.
Can be used with iPhones and Macbooks as well, so you're not tied to just an iPad.
ZacL.RupnowIt works with iOS and OS X right now. When Android M comes out, it will work with that version with both USB and wireless.
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