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Feb 22, 2024
30hz from a 6.5"/165mm driver? So, we're just out here defying physics, are we? No mention of if that's at -3 or -6dB either. I also like how the manufacturer's own website can't decide if the "woofer" gets 50W or 60W.
May 5, 2024
iwendtI agree. This is a very silly and misleading specification for such a small driver and enclosure. Freq range should be a guide to what a user can realistically hear. Mitchell Acoustics, please explain and justify.
May 5, 2024
iwendtI have a PSB speaker using a smaller 135mm driver in an enclosure that does 39 Hz -3db. I have tested it and it does meet the specs that PSB provides and provides fast taransient bass. These aren't what I would call a subwoofer, but rather a bass driver. The 135mm is a long throw driver which helps, but the enclosure is still tiny and it's sealed. Personally I would be skeptical when a company doesn't incluse specifications. Also it hasn't been reviewed by any reputable magazines as far as I know.
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