My Little Pony Cards Booster Box (36 Pack)
My Little Pony Cards Booster Box (36 Pack)
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Calling All Bronies!

There are BIG Problems in Ponyville, so round up some ponies and lend a hoof! With My Little Pony™ Collectible Card Game (MLP: CCG), you can now collect and play your favorite ponies. Look for Twilight Sparkle, Nightmare Moon, Parasprites galore, and more! Be sure to watch out for those Troublemakers!

The Magic of Ponies

We're not gonna lie, My Little Pony fans are definitely the most... varied fanbase we know of. If you're a 12 year old girl or a 25 year old brony, this is the best deal on My Little Pony Playing cards anywhere.

  • 36 Pack of My Little Pony Boosters with 12 cards each
  • Release Date: 12/13/2013

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