Ninox Aurora Mouse

Ninox Aurora Mouse

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Product Description
If you've been on a gaming mouse forum in the last three years, you've probably heard rumors about the Ninox Aurora. The threads surrounding the community based development of this mouse are some of the longest in any forum and are an amazing example of the online community coming together to create a finished product Read More


  • Ninox
  • LED optical mouse
  • Standard Avago Lens
  • DPI steps: 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 4000
  • High quality infrared LED
  • Lift off distance: ~2 mm
  • Max speed: over 160 IPS
  • USB polling: 125, 250, 500 (default), 1000 Hz
  • Quiet, mechanical scroll wheel with 24 steps
  • Two buttons on left side
  • One button behind scroll wheel
  • Rubber coated top shell, grainy plastic bottom shell
  • No screws underneath the mouse feet
  • 7.22 ft (2.2 m) flexible rubber cord
  • Strong internal wires
  • Stress relief for cord
  • Sensor Location: exact center
  • Standard orientation
  • 4.65 x 2.40 x 1.50 in (118 x 61 x 38 mm)
  • 2.47 oz (70 g)


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