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Peavey Escort 6000 Portable PA System

Peavey Escort 6000 Portable PA System

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Product Description
The latest in Peavey’s Escort series, the 6000 builds on the original with digital effects, USB MP3 playback, proprietary Midmorph and Feedback Locating System technology, and more. Along with the essentials (two speakers and a nine-channel mixer), this all-in-one PA system comes with a pair of folding speaker stands and cables—everything you need to bring the house down Read More

Jan 27, 2016
The Escort 6000 has an MSRP of $1399.99 and a MAP of $899.99. The site has it wrong. It has Bluetooth, MP3, digital effects and feedback eliminator. Anyone that would suggest renting a system instead of owning at this insane price doesn't know what they are talking about. This is a REAL PA. And portable.
Jan 22, 2016
I have seen the Escort used effectively in a couple of different applications. The first is as an effective and easy-to-transport PA for solo musicians or duets who play smaller venues. Owning one (versus renting a PA) means you always know what you've got, your sound can be uniform and consistent, and you don't have to pick up and return gear constantly. The second is in schools where a portable PA can be used by anyone who needs it - whether by a teacher for a presentation, the athletic department for events or by the administration for meetings. The Escort really is a great solution for a small PA that is easy to use and transport.
Jan 22, 2016
I heard this exact model at a coffee shop - guitar, keyboards and vocals and could not believe the sound. HiFi quality and it was plenty loud. When I talked to the band during a break they told me it was only like on 4 out of 10 volume! They love the portability and the sound. I was happy to hear them clearly at a perfect volume level. They told my it has a subwoofer output which they sometime use but there was plenty of bass without it to my ears.
Jan 22, 2016
Some friends of mine have one of these. It's a good step above running vocals through a guitar amp but that's about it. On one hand, some fantastic shows have happened because of it which otherwise might not have; on the other, for the amount of times you can rent a real PA for $650, it's probably not worth it to buy at this price point.
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