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RØDE K2 Microphone

RØDE K2 Microphone

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Product Description
Reminiscent of classic studio mics from the 1950s and ‘60s (but a heck of a lot quieter), the RØDE K2 premium valve condenser microphone features dual one-inch gold-sputtered diaphragms and a welded, heat-treated mesh head. It’s great for vocals, acoustic guitars, and hand percussion, providing a warm, even tone and wide dynamic range Read More

Oct 7, 2016
Really want these to relaunch
Mar 8, 2016
Well, I wrote to Rode to inquire regarding the extended warranty and I just received the following: " Hi Dave,
Thanks for your email and interest in our mics.
Massdrop is not an authorised dealer so your purchase would not be eligible for the extended warranty.
We have previously notified Massdrop about this when they were selling our other products.
Kind Regards,
Timothy Tan RØDE Microphones"
FYI - Caveat Emptor
Mar 3, 2016
So... I wrote to Massdrop and received this in reply.
"I am not able to provide our vendor information for our products, but as for warranty if the manufacturer is unable to help out, you can reach out to us an we will facilitate the warranty. The length of the warranty will be on the drop page and if it is not on the drop page, we offer a 1 year warranty that will be facilitated by us."
Since I cannot seem to get a straight reply, or any assurance of Rode's warranty support, this is a drop I will not be joining despite the fact that it is a product I will definitely buy.
Mar 6, 2016
DaveC09Massdrop helping seems great and all, but for a 10 year warranty there's a pretty big chance the company has failed or otherwise by even halfway through.
Mar 1, 2016
Maybe I should be more direct... I would buy this mic, despite the moderate level of the price discount, if Massdrop is dealing directly with Rode for this drop (which, I assume, would make them an "authorized dealer") My questions: 1. Massdrop, are you dealing with Rode directly, or is there an intermediary? 2. If there is an intermediary, who is it? (So we can be assured of Rode's warranty coverage)
Mar 1, 2016
My question was actually who Massdrop is getting the mics from. The papers in the box don't matter if the warranty is not recognized by Rode...
Mar 1, 2016
DaveC09I believe every product they sell on this website is straight from the manufacturer. Mainly due to the fact that how this site works is communicating with those manufactures to meet a steady customer demand without creating consumer waste. Which is why when these drops happen they have an ending date and well a shipping date a couple weeks after. This site isn't a dealer, its a bulk order vendor that is essentially a middle man for the manufacturer and the consumer to meet a specific order. You'll never see them as an authorized vendor anywhere because they aren't vendor.
Feb 28, 2016
The RODE website for registering the 10-year warranty extension says to be careful - that buying from an unauthorized dealer (Massdrop is not on their list) may preclude warranty support. Is Massdrop an authorized dealer(by RODE)? From their site: "RØDE Microphones does not authorize Fulfilled By Amazon. We have purchased counterfeit RØDE products using Fulfilled by Amazon and highly recommend that you only purchase RØDE products from authorised dealers." "If you purchase any RØDE microphone from an unauthorized dealer via Fulfilled By Amazon you will not receive any US warranty or technical support." Google shows this is readily available from B&H and Sweetwater (both authorized) for $699, so it's not a huge savings... It does, however, seem to be a great mic. Exactly the type I've been looking for... (never used one tho...)
Feb 28, 2016
Here is a link to the Paul White S.O.S. review of this mic.
Feb 28, 2016
Why is this not available to New Zealanders? These are made in Australia and I'm pretty sure that New Zealand is closer than America...
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