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Resin Kitty Cat Artisan Keycap

Resin Kitty Cat Artisan Keycap

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Product Description
If your cat isn’t already all over your keyboard, then why not give it a permanent place there. (They’ll thank you for it later.) These artisan kitty keycaps are made from pure resin with a shine-through construction to make the backlighting on your keyboard really pop off the desktop Read More

Jan 30, 2020
This is NOT an artisan
Mar 18, 2017
Cheers for the victory!!! Maybe AABC3D will cash the Kitty so we can get the real one ? What's your idea abc <3
Mar 17, 2017
Hi friends,
Quick update after talking with both ABC3D and Prokeycaps. Out of respect for all parties involved, we have decided to take this drop down for now while we work to resolve this issue. Both keycap makers have been incredibly patient and professional, but we would like to handle this offline without keeping everyone in suspense as to whether or not this drop will go through. We hope to work with everyone to bring back the Kitty keycap soon. Until then, thanks everyone for understanding and flagging this to us.
Mar 20, 2017
Review? You mean spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure all that out? I want drops, not lawyers being hired FFS.
The 3D printed cap was crap unless you splurge for the high end materials (pointless because it would still be lifeless without being painted IMO), the copy cat punk made something way better, they both need to work together, that's how I see it.
MD can only do so much. But again, I just post here so I don't actually know.
Mar 20, 2017
BrainFlushMassdrop is selling the items. Ultimately it's their responsibility. If they sell pirated IP they're going to need lawyers and their reputation will suffer. In contrast, initial verification is neither a difficult nor a costly process. I disagree that it would be an inordinately time-consuming step and I seriously don't think it's going to impact drop rates.
What anyone thinks of the 3D print versions is irrelevant to the propriety of the sale. The design behind the cap apparently wasn't licensed or released to Massdrop's supplier/partner at the time of the contract. I don't blame Massdrop for getting caught in the middle and certainly applaud them for canceling the drop. I've no doubt they will take steps to reduce the likelihood in the future and hopefully the design's creator will receive appropriate compensation if the drop resumes. Then everyone wins.
Mar 17, 2017
How is this drop still active? If Massdrop lets this go through, I'll have to seriously consider if I'm going to still buy from here. You'd think Massdrop would avoid assisting in IP theft like the plague.
Mar 19, 2017
BowserUSCMassdrop has been pretty shady lately. They did something that was unethical and likely illegal in a recent drop. I alerted them to it. They then claimed it was a logistical error and made it right for the other users. Oh, and they also removed me from the drop as punishment for it.
Mar 17, 2017
I bought this same exact keycap on for like $4..... yes, it wasn't a resin keycap....but for a 3d printer cap, i was very impressed.
I wouldn't dare call it artisan...let alone pay 5x the price for it..
Mar 17, 2017
TShallerThe keycap being sold here is an unauthorized knockoff of that cap on Shapeways you linked, actually. You may have missed a fair bit of the drama, but the person who was associated with this drop actually went as far as to sign up for this site as "ABC3D" (i.e. as the name of the shop/user on Shapeways) to trick people/MD into thinking that the resin keycap and the cap on Shapeways were from the same person. MD has already deleted all the posts made by the fake ABC3D (the real one is on here as AABC3D), so a lot of the discussion on here makes no sense contextually, as they were replies to the fake (as they were commenting and replying as if they were the real ABC3D).
That's why the description on the Shapeways page explicitly states that Shapeways is the only place to legitimately get that design, as he was prompted by what the fake was doing on MD to make that clarification (as well as prove ownership of the design on Shapeways).
There's a lengthy discussion on it on Reddit, and the fake person even shows up in there (along with his shill accounts) to insult the original creator, and in general act like they did nothing wrong, and be a an utter jackass.
Mar 17, 2017
Holding off on any further drops until we see how MD handles this.
Mar 17, 2017
2017 - Year of the keyboard drama
Mar 17, 2017
NonsterThat's every year m8
Mar 17, 2017
people still joining this drop and MD still haven't cancelled it.. wawww
Mar 17, 2017
Oh wow, they did not cancel this?
Mar 17, 2017
If Massdrop promises a redrop I will promise buying one next round. Just bought a Planck, 110 MOD-M switches and getting a pick-up truck. This with shipping does not fit my budget right now.
EDIT: Just read the stuff below me. I'll hold for the original stuff.
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