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Sennheiser HD 579 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 579 Headphones

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Product Description
With a full-size, over-ear design and lots of comfortable features, the Sennheiser HD 579 open-back headphones allow you to truly immerse yourself in your music at home. They’re a successor to the popular HD 500 series and aim to strike the same ideal balance between quality and value Read More

Aug 30, 2020
Can these 579's be driven using a balanced 2.5mm to 2.5mm cable?
Jul 24, 2018
I've purchased mine for around 150$. I am not an audiophile, and I do not have an amp. I've had these for almost a year.
Build: The headphones are entirely made of plastic, with no hinges whatsoever. The cups tilt a bit up and down + left and right. The headphones are built very well in my opinion. The headphone itself is "Open-back", meaning people around you can hear what you're listening to, and you can hear people around you. The original cable did not last me very long, and it can barely connect securely to other devices. You will definitely have to swap the cable on these.
Comfort: The velour pads are very comfortable, and while the head cushion is a little bit thicker and harder than you might expect, these are easily the most comfortable pair of headphones I wore.
Sound Quality: For 150$, these sound amazing. The sound is very clear, and it does have the sennheiser sound signature. Compared to the HD559, the HD579's are clearer than them. The mids shine here, and the bass is enough for me. Sennheiser Headphones are known to be "lacking in bass", although I enjoy the amount of bass they provide, even if they are clearly not meant for bassheads. The highs are also great, and vocals sound very clear on these headphones. I've listened to the ATH-M50Xs, and the sound signature is much warmer on the HD579. The clarity on both headphones is amazing, and for me they are very close in clarity and sound quality. I've also listened to the HD6XXs (without an amp, mind you) and overall I've found the HD579 a bit more comfortable, while the HD6XX's sound is a bit more detailed (The HD6XX's do leak more noise than the HD579's). Overall, if you have the money or you already got an amp, the HD6XX will definitely perform better, but if you're like me, these are a great "entry level" pair of headphones.
Verdict: At just 100$ on this drop, these are more than worth it, but if you already own a HD5x8/HD5x9 series headphones, these are not a huge upgrade. The sound quality on these is absolutely great, especially when it's considered an entry level headphone pair. For the price, I don't think there is a better headphone pair on this site (not even the HE-350s).
TL;DR Pros: -Build quality is solid -Sound clear -Very comfortable -Affordable
Cons: -The cable is not very good, so I would suggest you to replace it
Misc: -Price is as low as it can go right now, but the US and Canada shipping can limit some people from buying it or consider it. -Headphones are open backed -It has the same earpads and 2.5mm locking mechanism that other HD5XX series headphones have -The foam removal mod can work on these headphones, although I didn't try it myself.
Dec 22, 2017
Guys could i please have some help...I just got these headphones new...and they crackle most of the time.......even when playing music such as metal when it shouldnt be noticable. Can you guys please help with some fixes. I dont seem to have these issues when i plug them into my iphone but only with ipad and pc
Jan 3, 2018
sehanEh... try headphones on other PCs and check how other headphones crackle on your iPad and PC. (Contact support if it is the headphone problem -->I assume it is under warranty since you got it new)
Jan 14, 2018
erica483Thank you so much i got a replacement because they kept on crackling with other devices.
Oct 27, 2017
Anyone looking for the short cable can find one here
Probably not the official 5x8 Sennheiser sells on their site (and is always out of stock) but just got mine today, and I can’t notice a difference between the stock cable and this one.
Also $3!
Oct 21, 2017
Got mine yesterday, and I have run them through a Fulla 2 for my laptop and through a Vali 2 for my turntable. Excellent sound, highs are not too harsh and the bass is a vast improvement over my other pair of cans (Grado SR60e). I'm really happy I got in on this drop.
I'm looking forward to hearing the HD-6XX when it finally arrives in another couple of months.
Feb 20, 2018
DalailalamaCould you tell me how these compare to 6xx?
Oct 21, 2017
Got mine today and package was in pristine condition :). They sound great on my MSI laptop which supposedly has a better-than-average dac/amp. Blown away with the sound quality for the price I paid. Thanks Massdrop!
Oct 21, 2017
Got mine today. Im surprised the my phone can drive them so well it struggles a little with the Game Ones and they have the same impedance.
Anyone have a suggestion for a shorter cable?
Oct 21, 2017
EvilMrMeThere‘s this: NewFantasia Replacement Audio Upgrade Cable for Sennheiser HD598 / HD558 / HD518 Headphones 1.2meters/4feet
Anyone have experience with this one or have a better option?
Feb 28, 2018
rndmtaskThey're solid cables. I use them with most of my cans for a 4ft and 10ft cable. I will note, the mic cable version for the HD 579 does not work. By the time I got around to using it I was past return period. Not a huge deal but a nuisance nonetheless.
A community member
Oct 18, 2017
Got em today :) So happy, they're great.
Oct 14, 2017
Got a shipping confirmation email, it's happening!
Oct 14, 2017
hjc711Same. And 11 days early!
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