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Shozy Zero Earphone

Shozy Zero Earphone

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Product Description
One of Head-Fi’s most hyped IEMs, the new Shozy Zero follows the same winning formula as the company’s stir-causing Alien portable player from a couple years back: beautiful build, compact size, and exceptional sound quality for the price. The enclosure is carved from dense rosewood, as are the Y-splitter and plug, while the nozzle is made from machined aluminum with a glossy black finish Read More

I've had these for almost 5 months and although I really enjoyed them, the left earphone has already stopped working completely...
Nov 27, 2018
Username931235324That´s really a shame man. Mine worked very well for around 3 years. Last spring the left earphone started showing its age and making cracking noises. I think the problem was at the jack and not the IEM itself. So i brought them to a soundshop but the guy managed to completely screw up the repair. Now it's laying in two pieces in a drawer, i'm waiting for motivation to start welding it and trying to repair it myself but i don't have the equipment. I really loved those IEM's, they sounded great. I am no audiophile but for they were great value for an entry level IEM.
Mar 2, 2017
Holy crapola, these sound FANTASTIC!!!
Feb 23, 2017
Earphones turned up today. The medium tips fit quite well and the product looks quite nice, the cable does produce rubbing noises however. Oddly though there was mold in the packaging - see second photo.
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Jan 26, 2017
I may buy a pair but if I buy them on Amazon they are $60 and will arrive in two days.
Here they are $53 and they will not be shipped for a month, so why bother?
Jan 25, 2017
So since they're both are going for about the same price, these or the Ostyr's KC06A?
Mar 2, 2017
BarakkDefinitely these. The Ostries are not so good, more mid-centric, and terrible build quality. The left side on mine went out after about two weeks of very light use.
Why are so many good products not shipping to Hong Kong! It's actually annoying at this point, I see an amazing deal sometimes and it doesn't ship to Hong Kong, I'd there even any good reason for this?
Jan 24, 2017
Anyone able to compare these to the HiSoundAudio Wooduo2?
Aug 1, 2016
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Jul 26, 2016
Yay, shipping notice. Time to receive it and burn in for endless hours.
Edit: Received today, burning them in now. Few minor imperfections in the wood, but nothing to be worried about. Cables are meh (gummy-feeling to me), but knew that already.
8/17/16: After plenty of burn-in, I'm very pleased with the sound on these. Feels like I made a good choice for my first IEMs. Can't wait to get the TFZ Series 5 eventually to compare!
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