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SoundMAGIC WP10 Wireless Headphones

SoundMAGIC WP10 Wireless Headphones

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Product Description
When you’re rocking out with your headphones on, you sometimes wish that the pesky headphone cable would just disappear. For an easy and versatile listening experience, pop on the SoundMAGIC WP10 Wireless Headphones and get back to enjoying your jams without the wire in the way Read More

Sep 30, 2014
I just received my HP200s. Check out the comment section
More people than you would think have device breaking issues. Cords being damaged upon arrival, left/right speaker drivers not producing appropriate sound, undue wear on the headband and shoddy craftsmanship all together. For it to happen to one or two is understandable, but five? All in the same order? That is just bad quality control. Very disappointed in SoundMagic overall. I will most likely never buy any devices from them until they get the sh*t together.
Sep 29, 2014
International shipping?
Sep 29, 2014
Dmitry_KWe tried. Unfortunately this one's US only.
Sep 29, 2014
Hey Massdrop community,
Here's a new product that's not so well covered yet - I personally have an interest in wireless headphones and ended up listening to one of these out of curiosity. I ended up being thoroughly impressed - they're extremely comfortable and sound pretty darn good. I'm currently using a pair for gaming and liking them a lot.
Check them out on Amazon:
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