TEAC CR-H101 CD Receiver

TEAC CR-H101 CD Receiver

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Breathe new life into your CD collection with the TEAC CR-H101 receiver: a centralized system with all the modern trimmings. Sure, it’s a CD player, but that’s not all—it’s also equipped with a high-quality PCM1795 DAC, Bluetooth aptX wireless streaming, an RCA input, an optical input, and an FM tuner Read More

Jul 3, 2020
A lot of CDs - brick and mortar music store purchased commercial CDs - get a "not supported" error message.
Aug 14, 2019
$300 for a CD player?
Aug 13, 2019
What is a CD?
Aug 12, 2019
Horrible spec as a headphone amp.
May 4, 2018
So it was delivered last September, when I unboxed it and hooked it up. Paradigm Atom v3 pair that had been reconed by Paradigm after the foam surround rotted.
I've got a Peachtree audio sending signal to a pair of Paradigm Shift A2s so I haven't really listened to this unit. I did so last night and it seems the left channel is down some measure of volume.
I thought it was the drivers I sent in so I took them apart and checked the crossovers and connections, then switched speaker cables, aux cable, played a CD, listened to white noise and mono recordings, the radio, did a factory reset, and compared the balance against the little Lepai A2020+.
The Lepai was rock solid with everything, and going through the same troubleshooting steps didn't change anything.
Best of luck to anyone who gets this unit on a drop. It feels and look solid but something is wrong somewhere and no amp that I've owned or installed or even listened to, integrated or not has had this level/bias/balance issue.
UPDATE 17SEP2018: I sent it in to Precision Sound Service in Santa Monica after calling and speaking to JR. There was a level issue with the amp, and there was no bias control or adjustment on the board. Onkyo owns TEAC now (as of August apparently) and they didn't have the parts to fix it, so Precision sent my unit back to them and they shipped out a new one to them, which they then shipped on to me. It was brand new (not a refurbished unit) and everything works properly. I've tested it extensively on every input and it's performing beautifully.
Aug 30, 2019
Hi Restonron, I can't recommend Precision Sound Service enough and am happy I got the issue resolved though it took some time. The TEAC CR-H101 can't be used as a USB host as far as I know so no, you wouldn't be able to plug in a hard drive with your backups to play on it. Based on what I've read about the Brennan B2, your best bet would be to use the SPDIF output to the optical on the TEAC. You'll just need a SPDIF/mini toslink to toslink cable which should be pretty cheap. My use case for the DAC portion was for my laptop when docked and used as a desktop, so the PC is sending the USB audio to the TEAC. Hope that helps and good luck!
Sep 24, 2019
Thank you !
Apr 28, 2018
Scoff if you must at the compact disc format, but I personally find it the perfect medium. Much more durable, portable, and lower maintenance than vinyl. Less ephemeral than high-res digital, and given the staggering variety of music on CD, significantly more opportunities for exploration, discovery, and learning about music of all kinds. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has spent years lovingly building a CD collection that will continue to please his ears for hopefully many years to come.
That said, I bought this TEAC CD receiver a year ago at the full price of $500. It was pretty much everything I needed - CD player, line in, sub pre-out, 4 ohm speaker output, headphone output, and a compact footprint for the small space where I planned to set it up. The unit I ordered turned out to be defective. With the "loudness" mode turned on, clicks, squeaks, and snaps riddled the sound. After literally MONTHS of arguing with TEAC while they diddled around with the defective receiver in their shop, waiting for parts to arrive from Japan, I finally convinced them to send me a replacement unit at no cost. The new one works fine. I wouldn't call it outstanding - four out of five stars, maybe - but it is reliable and delivers clean, detailed sound. It's not a pleasure to operate - the controls and display more utilitarion than sexy or smooth - but it's not too irritating either. Matched with Onkyo bookshelf speakers and a Polk Audio 10" sub, the sound is plenty powerful for my taste and the small bedroom where I use it.
Aug 17, 2019
Agree with AllegroMaestoso, especially since most of my digital files are MP3. I was going to pass on this until my current CD player (a Teac that uses five disc cartridges and appeared in versions from Pioneer and Radio Shack--I think Pioneer was the OEM) started losing a channel. The Teac dates from 1988 so I don't have a complaint, and pulling and reinserting the RCA out module seems to have fixed the problem. But CR-H101 would replace a whole sideboard full of components. For the aging set what remembers and likes CDs, check with your local public library branch. Mine is dumping its CD collection (for Hoopla) and, even better, is dumping CDs donated by people who have gone digital, all for the best possible price. (BTW: I have a friend in the media conversion business who will make 8 track copies of CDs...for a price. -:)
Apr 28, 2018
This is an excellant product . It drives my Allison speakers with no clipping.
Aug 17, 2019
Which Allisons? I have a pair of Ones that need reconing.
Apr 27, 2018
I can't speak to this particular product, but as a buyer of the TEAC AI-101da, TEAC's quality is pretty bad and their support is non-existent. For the ai-101da, myself and seemingly over half the buyers had issues with the volume knob within the first month completely ruining the product. It would randomly jump to full volume for no apparent reason and blow you away, possibly ruining your audio equipment. I emailed their support and they simply ignored me. I then called them and had someone say they'd call me back. Never heard from them again.
Apr 26, 2018
CDs? I'm holding out for the 8-Track version.
Aug 14, 2019
I meant back in day lol. Nothing like a complete wesley willis library in 96 bitrate puts 8 tracks to shame lol
Aug 14, 2019
I don't know...his McDonalds jam was about all I could deal with:
Feb 14, 2018
I wrote about this in my subthread below, but just so it isn't missed - the DAC portion here, at least via USB, does in fact support 32kHz playback, but only if your software is set to play back at 24-bit. If you send it a 16-bit, 32kHz stream, it'll choke and distort. This won't matter to most people, I suppose - even if you have 32kHz content, you could easily resample it on the fly in real time in foobar2000 with SoX plugin, and I'm sure there is similar software on other platforms - but it's nice to know what exactly your hardware is capable of.
May 18, 2018
Alternatively: using ASIO drivers and the ASIO-compatible software (I'm using the output plugin for foobar2000), it works without any distortion, as long as you're using TEAC's native drivers, not ASIO4ALL. That said, I've run into some random problems with ASIO where 'the buffer couldn't be created' or something and nothing would play. I'm not sure what could cause this (perhaps different software taking control of the device temporarily?) but this could be another option.
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