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TEAC TN-100 Turntable & LS-M100 Speakers

TEAC TN-100 Turntable & LS-M100 Speakers

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Product Description
For anyone looking for an inexpensive way to get into vinyl, the TEAC TN-100 turntable offers an excellent entry point. Designed to be the center of your home listening setup, it has a belt-drive motor and a wooden body that dampens vibrations and makes for a cleaner, richer sound Read More

Feb 23, 2018
On face value for a beginner, this seems like a good deal. However it is about on par with the Audio Technica AT-LP60 - not the same turntable from Hanpin that is sold under several brands, but for every positive this has (MDF plinth / base) there is a key negative (appears to be built upon the same super low grade mechanicals as the dreaded Crosley Cruiser and it's twins with a larger platter and cheapie magnetic cartridge). In other words, it is a $99 turntable all day long and spending more money on a higher model will be very much worth it. Even if you are starting out, heck, snag the Audio Technica AT-LP-60 used from someone who has upgraded.
Do yourself a favor and avoid this. Get this entry level turntable and splurge for a decent set of speakers. You'll save yourself money overall as you'd want to trash this TEAC shortly after setup.
LP60 is what I recommend for those looking for an entry in to vinyl.
Is it? I was given an LP 60 and had it as a second turntable in my old apartment. I never had any issues with it and plugged right in to some Audioengine speakers and sounded great. I passed it on to the neighbor when I moved out and didn't have room for a second turntable setup any longer.
Feb 25, 2018
While at the same price point, this is not one of the twins to the Hanpin made Audio Technica AT-LP60. This appears to be built around the same basic mechanicals as the dreaded Crosley Cruiser with a larger platter and updated (but still really cheap) arm and magnetic cartridge.
Feb 20, 2018
Massdrop needs to get on some more Pro-Ject Turntable drops. Those are excellent compared to the Teacs I have been seeing lately.
Feb 20, 2018
OMG...what a piece of crap. It's almost Crosley bad. There's nothing Audiophile about this at all. Not even in the least. Hell, my 40 year old Pioneer is more Audiophile than this steaming pile.
Feb 20, 2018
hattree> It's almost Crosley bad.
That's because both Crosley and this TEAC model are built upon cheap Chinese turntable assemblies, from companies such as Skywin and Hanpin. Whereas a 'real' turntable consists of a stylus and platter mounted to a base, these cheap turntable assemblies use a lightweight plastic unibody to hold a plastic platter and spring-loaded stylus. Crosley, TEAC, and many others just drop the module into a base platform, and that's it. No alignment or calibration needed. Super cheap for them. Sub-par sound for you and me.
What's bad is that TEAC actually makes a few higher-end turntables that are actually made well, using traditional construction. I think this model really hurts their brand, it would leave a bad taste in my mouth if I bought this model unknowingly. I think that they should just leave the lower end of the market to Crosley and the like.
Feb 21, 2018
flyinglotus1983TEAC is a strange, schizophrenic company. They make both some of the best, and some of the worst equipment, all at the same time. I have their better DAC and headphone amp and they are outstanding - love 'em. But then they will go and produce plastic boom boxes, and other awful stuff like this toy turntable. It must be an odd company to work for..
Feb 20, 2018
For anyone debating on getting this model, or something a better -- I'd pass on this one. You really want something with an adjustable counterweight and adjustable tracking force, at a bare minimum. Without those features, it's no better than a Crosley that you can buy down at Target or Barnes and Noble. Models like this with fixed counterweights have fixed headshells, so you're stuck with whatever shitty cartridge they give you. No upgrading to Grado's, Ortofun's, etc. It might play at 78 speed but with a fixed cartridge, there's no way you can actually play a shellac 78 on it, because that requires a bigger needle (non-microgroove). It's a little shady to list that it plays 78 rpm if it can't actually play them.
Oh, this one has a plastic platter. The job of the platter is to have enough mass to smooth out any vibrations or variances in speed. A decent turntable will have a platter made of aluminum, a big chunk of MDF or acrylic, or something else that's heavy and solid. A turntable with a plastic platter is a toy.
Massdrop does have some fine turntables available from time to time, but this one is isn't. The frequency response of the speakers are 80 Hz and up, so they're pretty horrible as well. They barely cover the male vocal range, let alone bass guitars and that sweet 808 bass.
EDIT: Further evidence to avoid this drop: This turntable is on the /r/vinyl "List of Turntables to Avoid" wiki page, over on reddit:
Feb 20, 2018
flyinglotus1983Thanks for the info. It is helpful, plus now I know what to look for in the future when I finally pull the string and get a turntable.
Jan 27, 2018
This is absolutely terrible
Jan 23, 2018
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