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TFZ X1E Bluetooth IEM

TFZ X1E Bluetooth IEM

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Product Description
If you’re a listener that prefers the sound of a dynamic driver in your IEM, the TFZ X1E Bluetooth IEM is a strong choice. A newer version of the popular TFZ X1, the X1E features a dynamic driver instead of a balanced armature driver for what many consider to be clearer sound quality Read More

Customer Reviews

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Not bad
It's okay for an entry level no-wire earbud. But I've since gotten a set of Sony's that perform so much better (with a hefty price tag of course).
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Nov 13, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
One of the best purchase I've made. Great sound and using it is a breeze.
Nov 2, 2019
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Good but could be so much better
Just got these as they went by slow boat from China it took 4eeeeeevvvvveeeerrrr. Not too impressed with the charging case. Buds are hard to get out and the magnetic lid makes it hard to open and then it keeps closing as you try to fish out the buds. The instructions are incomprehensible Chinese English. I was able to pair these with my phone despite the instructions. And they didn't include a wall charger. I've only did a quick sound check but they are reasonable good with a little too much low end for me. The only thing bothersome is one bud reports 90%; the other reports 70% and I charged them overnight. I can't tell when they are charged as the light never goes out; it just stays green. I bet there are better buds out there with good sound and better packaging.
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I just received my X1e's a couple weeks ago, and I've been listening to the X1's for a few months now. I like the sound quality of the X1e's DD more than the X1's BA, tho both are easy to listen to. The X1e seems to have more dynamic range and a punchier sound, better bottom end...and the X1 has a more realistic soundstage, to my ears. Time will tell, but the X1e battery life appears shorter than the X1's, which makes sense considering the different drivers. I liked the X1's enough to want a second pair on those long work days and I'm glad I got these rather than a second pair of the same. Paid $5 more than this drop just a month ago - and for $65, these are a stone cold bargain, IMO. I'm no audiophiliac - but these sound great, stay in (even when I'm sweating buckets, cutting the lawn), are convenient as hell and, despite their prominent logo, people STILL try to talk to me when I have them maybe they're not that conspicuous. Can't hear those people, tho, cuz they seal outside sounds out pretty well, too. What's not to like? Nothing, as far as I'm concerned - these little 'phones have a big sound and suit my purposes.
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