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Topping D50 DAC

Topping D50 DAC

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Product Description
Topping has gained a loyal following for its line of accurate, competitively priced DACs, which includes the DX7 series and the D30. For those looking to pair their DAC with a high-end headphone amplifier, look no further than the Topping D50 Read More

Aug 9, 2022
Died in 4 years.
Jan 18, 2020
Just plugged mine in and it’s dead. waiting to hear from MD about it. anyone else get a dead one?

Oct 8, 2019
This or jds el dac or smsl su-8?
Oct 7, 2019
Really not an expert on this stuff so forgive me if this is an ignorant question... I'm looking for a way to use my headphones with my TV, and the TV only has an optical out. I'm wondering if this would cover it.
Jan 16, 2022
hello hi maybe only you can help me, I took a dac topping d50s and I'm fine but I can't get the tv to work that sends a dolby signal with the optical cable. that is, if I set the TV in pcm, a stereo signal arrives, if I set it in dolby the topping is not heard. I hope I was clear. I am using the translator because I am writing to you from Italy
Jan 22, 2022
AntoniocoffeApologies for the late reply, but I am guessing this may still be an issue you are trying to sort. (using that two channel Digital to Analogue converter with your TV for ‘better sound’) Upfront: thankyou for telling me you are using a converter; I will avoid slang and some technical abbreviations that may not translate ‘smoothly’. You are spot on that Dolby Digital (a 5.1+ audio channels format generally)(certainly not in lossless “Pulse Code Modulated” (/P C M) format that your new D A C works with) will not work with a two channel D A C. Quite often, in the TV settings, you can set ‘Digital Audio Output’ to Auto, or P C M: set it to P C M! (Auto might allow the Dolby Digital to be passed, and the D A C will reject that signal / ‘do nothing’) If you use a gaming console connected to the TV, you could set the gaming console to ONLY OUTPUT TWO CHANNEL (uncompressed) P C M audio, and that will force NETFLIX (and all the other digital/internet TV services) to convert 5.1 channels(dolby digital) to 2 channel P C M audio. The TV will then pass that stream, unaltered, correctly feeding your D A C. (and therefore working). The simple trick is to feed the D A C formats it can work with (it is a two channel device that likes two channel audio that sticks with standard two channel feeds (such as P C M). Some flavours of Dolby Digital are ‘dolby digital 2.0’, but unless these are converted to P C M (eg by a gaming consoles’ system settings), the D A C will not work with these formats (even though they are technically only two channels). Hope this helps.. Wishing you a great year ahead. Cheers :-)
Oct 7, 2019
Just let people know that D50/D50s is very picky, it needs a high quality coaxial cable instead of RCA or low quality coaxial cable for coaxial connection. I purchased a really good coaxial cable from amazon to fix the coax issue. After that, WOW, the sound from CD player is so good. This is the amazon link for the cable.
Aug 29, 2019
Accidentally plugged in the Topping D50 to a power supply greater than 5V, and apparently that burns out the device. After talking to Topping customer service, that is not covered under warranty.
Jul 3, 2019
Sorry just starting to build more momentum in the audiophile world, currently I have a dedicated server PC for all my closed circuit NVR/security, PLEX server, and personal cloud in my living room near my audio station. Using a Schiit Modi 2 USB DAC that seems similar to this and it sounds pretty good. It has a weird quieting bug where it intermittently dampens audio (noticable but barely) every so often. I have it going as PC box -> to Modi 2 DAC via USB -> to Denon Receiver via RCA -> Klipsch RF-28 (pair) + RP450 (center) + R14 (pair surrounds) Would this unit be a substantial upgrade over the Schiit Modi 2, or just likely up to user preference? Planning to use DAC as network streaming ideally...Thanks in advance ya'll
Jul 4, 2019
drpain714This would be a massive upgrade from a Modi 2 just on specifications of each device. Though there is something called the D50S (the upgraded version) that is coming out sometimes soon hopefully, and it has (on top of slightly better performance) Bluetooth input and a remote control on top of being already great DAC. See for yourself
Jul 1, 2019
Just thought I'd let everyone know this is currently available from a Topping authorized reseller on Amazon at 199 with 10% off and free shipping, so it's the exact same price as here, but with two day delivery. If you have an Amazon Prime card, the 5% cash back on that gives them the lowest purchase price.
Jul 1, 2019
New Topping D50S coming out soon FYI. Fixes some issues and improves on this design.
Jul 1, 2019
mcshazzoThanks, I hadn't seen any announcement about the upcoming D50s. Per Audio Science Review, the new one will have Bluetooth and measures similarly (in terms of human hearing). I was not able to find a release date, though. Any insiders know if the D50s is going to be on Drop?
Jul 1, 2019
Price has been lowered to $175 from $199
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