Topping DX3 Pro LDAC Version 2 DAC/Amp
Topping DX3 Pro LDAC Version 2 DAC/Amp
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New from Topping, an industry leader in professional-grade audio equipment, the DX3 Pro LDAC Version 2 DAC/amp is a next-generation audio solution for your desk. Equipped with much of the same hardware that made the original DX3 Pro so popular—an XMOS XU208 USB chip with dual AK4493 DACs, an OPA1612 op amp, and an AK4118 receiver—this version adds LDAC connectivity for high-resolution listening over Bluetooth 5.0 Read More

Sep 12, 2020
Just to server as a warning to all future buyers. These devices. although are high quality goods, doesn't mean they do not have flaws. I lost all bluetooth functionality one day after a random "glitch" session on my DX3 pro, now don't get me wrong Topping actually was very polite and was kind to offer a free fix (as long as they discovered it wasn't user error), the only problem is that you have to pay for the shipping and then have to wait for the fix. I only lost the bluetooth option though, and the usb option is still going strong. So, overall, a good set!
Aug 13, 2020
Volume Control - Have I connected the DX3 to my Mac properly? I have connected my DX3 to my MacBook Pro with the USB cable. It works with now problems. However, I noticed that I can change the volume on the Mac and it changes the volume I hear. Surely if the signal is digital the volume on the Mac shouldn't impact on the DX3. I know that on my PC there were drivers that needed to be installed to make sure that the signal was passed through without being interfered with. I'm almost exclusively using Spotify. [Sorry for the novice question]
Volume control can be in the digital or analog domains. In the digital domain the bit depth of the signal is reduced, which in turns lowers the amplitude of the analog signal once converted. While digital volume on computer/laptops have gotten much better over the years it's still a good idea to max that out and use the downstream volume control in most scenarios. The term you are looking for is "bit-perfect" playback... not sure what the specific names are within the Mac OS/iOS world as I use primarily Windows and Android based machines. In windows you would disable all enhancements and give the DAC exclusive access to the app that is playing. Can't help ya there for mac but all of the quality MC software should be able to show you the signal path. In JRiver there is a menu that shows whether or not bit-perfect playback is happening.
Aug 12, 2020
Aug 12, 2020
Does this need to be paired with a Modi 3?
Aug 13, 2020
Nope, this unit has both a DAC and an amp, so it works as a standalone unit. Although you can still pair it with the Modi 3, using the Modi 3 as the DAC and the DX3 as the amp. Not sure why you'd need to do that though.
Aug 13, 2020
I see, thanks for letting me know. In the future i might use this as a DAC and upgrade to a more powerful amp.
Aug 12, 2020
E30 ftw!
Aug 11, 2020
..Very basic operational question.. (I looked through all comments & I'm still not 100%)

How is output switching handled?
I only saw one question about this and the answer(s) weren't clear (only via remote? .. depends on model???)
  • Does it sense load and prioritize? (If I have monitors on RCA and plug in headphones, will it auto-switch output?) ...Put another way, any behavior to note if I have multiple outputs connected at same time, or if I pull/plug-in headphones while using RCA-out?
  • Is the dial on the DX3 only a Volume control?
Since my Covid-19 'office' is next to my Wife's, I want/need to occasionally switch between my JBL Studio Monitors and Headphones. It'd be nice if I could run my Monitors on the RCA-outputs and be able to switch the DAC output between RCA-out and the Headphone amp output conveniently. I'd also be nice to have a DAC & proper Headphone amp, if only because my PC's internal audio circuitry gets noisy when my 1080Ti spins up. :-) It'd be a shame if output-switching is only done through remote. Batteries last a long time, but it's a pain to have to rely on a 'pancake' battery for basic operations. Thanks, Steven. Side note...
It'd be nice to have a Photo of the front of the remote rather than the back. That'd probably have answered my question.
Also.. It'd be SUPER nice if Drop provided a link to the Manual.

Aug 11, 2020
No UK plug? :(
Aug 11, 2020
Wasn't the price of this $165 or $185?
Aug 12, 2020
Yeah, Drop not making much sense at all anymore really.
Jul 14, 2020
Does this have 7.1 for gaming?
Aug 11, 2020
Jul 13, 2020
Would this be able to connect to bluetooth headphones or is the bluetooth functionality for connecting to a phone?
Jul 13, 2020
It's for connecting to a phone
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