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Feb 18, 2021
Weird issue with this. I have it connected to a Mac Pro via USB, and powering a pair of JBL Control 1 monitors. Works perfectly. If I leave the Mac playing music non-stop, the MX3 never hiccups. I just finished playing 72 hours of music, continuously. But if the music (or whatever audio signal) stops, after some amount of time (more than a few minutes, less than a day), the MX3 stops producing audio, whether on the speakers or headphone jack. It remains responsive (I can switch inputs, change the volume, turn it off and on, etc), it shows up as a USB device, etc., but nothing comes out. If I disconnect the AC adapter for a few seconds and plug it back in, the MX3 comes back working perfectly again. It's not going to sleep (at least, the display never indicates that), it just stops driving the speakers or headphones. I don't think it's electrical, because it only exhibits this behavior when it's not getting a USB input signal for some time; when it's playing, it never fails. Help?
Dec 29, 2023
harshmanWere you ever able to figure it out? ... I have the same exact issue. Its connected this with Nvidia Shield TV (Android Streaming box, the 2016 one with USB) and pair of floor standing speakers. As long as the stream is playing, and the Shield TV doesn't go to sleep, it works flawlessly. I can switch between YouTube, chrome casting, online radio, Netflix, etc. no issues. But as soon as the Shield goes to sleep /restarts, and I have to power cycle the MX3 as well. Edit: I noticed as long the MX3 detects the stream as 96khz over USB it is happy, as soon as it detects 48khz its silent. Also turning on other inductive loads like fans, blenders, etc. in the house cuts the audio momentarily (but I guess this is more to do with the house wiring) added ferrite beads to cables but no use.
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