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TRN BT20S Bluetooth 5.0 Module Adapter

TRN BT20S Bluetooth 5.0 Module Adapter

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Product Description
Have a removable-cable IEM that you want to make fully wireless? The TRN BT20S Bluetooth 5.0 Module Adapter, improved from the BT20, allows you to do just that Read More

Customer Reviews

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Aug 27, 2021
checkVerified Buyer
Back when this just came out, it was a huge upgrade in terms of usability and connectability compared to its earlier BT20, but now with newer adapters (especially from fiio) these hold its own when using chifi iems, but when connecting to a more sensitive iem the noise floor will be audible.
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May 30, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
These units have an excellent battery (at least in my opinion). I could easily get probably 5-6 hours of powered-on time with them. No noticeable loss in sound quality, convenient and easy-to-use controls. However these are basically useless if you’re doing any type of physical labor. I don’t know if it’s just my units after several months of use as a delivery driver, but if I would so much as crouch down, they’ll cut out completely until I’m standing up (when phone is in my pocket. Not sure how that works when I’ve CLOSED the distance between the receiving unit and my device. If I move between places of slightly different climates, like the basement to the main level of my house, or go outside from inside, they’ll cut out/crackle up until they’re “bathed” and enveloped in the new conditions. The max distance I managed to get from these without ANY cracking up was probably about 15ft unobstructed - which in my opinion is pretty horrendous for any Bluetooth device, let alone one costing $80 (when I’ve had cheap $10 Bluetooth speakers that handle distance like a champ) I also found out out for YOU that these units aren’t water-submersible, so don’t try that. Also recommend me a new cable if you know one :)
Sep 15, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
At this point, I can't recommend these to anyone.
These provide a very reliable connection with good battery time. The downside is the sound quality is somewhat compromised as the noise floor is quite high and the bluetooth connection type is not the highest quality but still quite good. There are a number of times that you can distinguish the units dropping from Apt-X to lower sound quality. 1/19/20 I am lowering my review to 1 star. The units stopped working within 2 months by not connecting to each other. I could only get one of them to re-pair. I obtained a new pair via warranty. The second pair stopped working in exactly the same way within 3 months. Though these are quite nice when they work, they are definitely not well built. Just to be clear, the second pair was better treated in that I didn't wear them while working in the yard or sweating like I did the first pair but only lasted an extra 2 weeks or so. I will continue to look for bluetooth 5.0 adapters which fit my Hem 6's, which were also obtained through (Massdrop actually).
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Sep 8, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
Works great!
It does everything as advertised and for the price I really cannot fault the product. I had planned to use it when I travel and I have gone on a couple of short haul and one long haul flights since receiving it. It is quite convenient to use. It connects quite easily if you properly pair it and use its buttons correctly. I would take a pic of the instructions and keep it on your phone until you’re used to it. Sound quality is nothing to write home about but it is far from bad. I would put it at just above average. It does have a bit of hiss and controls take some getting used to. Otherwise, connection is a breeze if you follow instructions well and the units are quite comfortable. I would be more discerning if these were $300 and claimed audiophile quality. These don’t claim that and are nowhere near that price so I’m quite happy with their form and function. I love that it gives me options. I hook it up to my shure se535 and my CA Lyra ii. They are both driven without problem but with a bit of hiss as mentioned. For everyday use while traveling, i would highly recommend... oh, and battery life isn’t that bad either.
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Sep 5, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
They are comfortable sound great and have great range.
I got these for my sure iems and I couldn't be happier with them.
Aug 21, 2019
checkVerified Buyer
I've been happy with my Onkyo W800BT for a number of years. They even got better when I found a tip that fit better. However they were old enough that the bluetooth was advancing past them. Nevertheless nothing I got would sound as good. My last attempt was the HIfiman tax 600, which sound harsh to my ears. I admit I have not broken them in so that might change. With the TH20S I have the the newest bluetooth and a choice of drivers. That left me with the problem of what drivers to use. I have some new drivers but none of them have impressed me. For now I'll be using my old Shure 535 drivers. I have a driver on order here so I'll try them out when they get here. That is the biggest advantage of this. I can improve the drivers at will. The main reason I have for using earbuds is when bike riding and getting a haircut. I was afraid these would be too big for haircuts. Happy to find they seem to be out of the way, if they complain I'll pretend they are hearing aids. With my new iBrass 220 DAP on the way I'm have the best bluetooth to go with them.
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